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Been getting my heart rate up.

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Hi there svgeeks - good to hear from you again! You are truly amazing! 29 out of 30 days! Very well done :)


Thanks, kay50. I see that you have been quite active.


I have - we've had some warm weather which dries out the joints!

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Super svgeeks. Still doing the stairs?


I have been walking up stairs off and on. A group of us will start walking the Stanford Dish on Saturday mornings beginning tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. I have done the Dish 8 times this year. My goal is to walk the dish more than once each week at the fastest pace possible. That hike gets me enough height to get my heart rate up.


Good luck with the Stanford Dish tomorrow svgeeks - you're so motivated and determined I'm sure your goal for 2018 will be reached!


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