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My stair climbing at the hospital

I have been climbing the stairs in the picture 11 times/day for the past 2 weeks or so. It take me about 17 minutes, including walking the corridors at each end. Manage to do about 30 flights each time.

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Wow svgeeks, your stair climbing is seriously IMPRESSIVE! Kudos to you!:)


That is a grand set of steps, well done for getting up them not only once but 11 times. Impressive stuff.


Those are much nicer steps than the ones at my local hospital. Good for you for getting those legs working hard.


What very impressive stairs. Are they really in hospital? An inviting way to get some exercise.


Hi Meemow2,

Unfortunately they are in the cancer wing of the local teaching hospital. [We have very expensive healthcare in the United States. It works well for those of us who have good health insurance but one is never too far away from losing it all. I am over 65 and covered by Medicare but my wife has private insurance for a few more months. It will end short of her turning 65.]

I accompany my wife every day for her radiation treatment and use the time there to gets my steps in.



So sorry to hear about your wife. I'm sure the cost of medical treatment in your country must be a tremendous worry. I have been so very fortunate having needed several serious operations & various treatments during my long life all funded by our wonderful British NHS. But now its future is in doubt because of lack of sufficient funding & some way must be found soon to enable it to continue.


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