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Four separate walks today.

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Getting back to training today. Fitting everything in.

Walk to the pool

A little swim

Walk back from the pool

Walk to town for a coffee with MrRfc

Walk back from town,

Nearly 10 km in total with a 1/2 km swim. Feeling a bit tired now but well earned.

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Sounds like a nice fun day today RFC


I love swimming but never seem to go...

Ithank you. try and go once a week, it is part of my core work. The physio says that front crawl is as good as sit-ups for building the muscles but I can only do a few lengths. I try and build up slowly.

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Good for building stamina too I should think...I can only manage breast stroke so Great work!😊x


Wow - busy day Rfc! At this rate you'll really smash half marathon number 2! All the best for the rest of your training:)

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Hehe I’m feeling it a bit now, I’ve only been swimming a couple of times since I had flu so it is a bit of hard work just now.

I love the sound of your day. swimming and coffee, how fab.

Thank you, it felt like a really positive day, I do like the feeling of being a little tired from exercise πŸ˜€.


That sounds like a fantastic day RFC. I should start hitting the gym and pool soon.

Thanks. It was good to get back in the pool. I really feel it helps put my muscles back in place, a physio told me doing front crawl is as good as core work too, but I am building up to being able to do more lengths.

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