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Let see how many new people we can get out walking with us over the next week.

Over the next week as things get busy and our schedules get disrupted let’s see how many new people we can get out on our walks with us.

My dads coming to stay so I’m going to see if he wants to come out with me on some of my walks. He got an activity monitor this year so he is quite motivated to get his steps in.

So if you going out for your walk ask around to see if any one wants to join you. You never know you might start them off on their own walking journey.

Happy walking to you all

Rfc x.

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I am going to do atleast two walks before I go into hospital will try and see if any people are interested when i go out.

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We will be thinking of you and be right here waiting to hear from you. Look after yourself, hope you get loads of people to come out with you on your walks.

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Been doing the Fitbit 10,000 steps for a year now, despite everything going on in my life health wise at the moment I am still achieving 10,000 most days


Well done, a year in, that is a great achievement, Remember to acknowledge your achievement and congratulate yourself.


i was doing steps on noom coach but got sick of the same route so im sat watching tv mostly as i had a tiny heart attack but must get motivated if im to get fit and lose weight and cholesterol or its back on statins


So sorry you had a heart attack. That must of knocked you a bit. Have you got the go ahead yet to start getting fit? We will be here to help with the motivation when you need us. Take good care of yourself. Rfc x.


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