Dog Tired

Walking my Jack Russel Terrier called Sophie is my main source of exercise and I walked quite a bit whilst on holiday. Popped on to the scales this morning. 1/2 pound lost in four days. Pleasantly surprised as I've been comfort eating through bereavement. 1/2 pound lost, thirty more pounds to lose. It's a start and a move in the right direction. I just need to tackle my sweet tooth problem.

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  • Sorry for your loss. I love seeing the dogs out On Their walks. I came across a lovely Labrador while I was out today. Well done on your 1/2 pound lost, it all adds up.

  • The first step is the hardest - you've taken that step by recognising that you have a sweet tooth problem! Very,very good luck. "The 17 day diet" by Dr Mike Moreno may help you....

  • Sorry for your loss. Dogs are such a light in our life they bring me such comfort. And if they are anything like my one dog who recently passed wouldn't take 'no walk' for an answer, which got me out of the house even on the toughest days.

  • Sorry to hear about your loss. Well done on starting out. Walking will help you produce the good endorphin hormone which will improve how you feel. Good luck in your journey. I found walking has helped me on so many levels.

  • Thanks for your supportive message, it's very much appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Your welcome. We all have to start somewhere. Ive lost 33lb in 6 months. Nothing more than walking and re-educating myself in terms of healthy food choices. If I want something its my choice if I have it now. It took about 4 weeks for the sweet tooth and fast food trigger to switch off but it can be done. I had a tendency to go for fast food. I have a handle on it now but didn't think I would. I have real respect for you as you dealing with a huge loss. Walking can give you a real positive way of channelling your feelings.

  • Congratulation on that half pound. You're making all the right moves Radford-Utd. Enjoy your little JR. I call my furry friend my Personal Trainer! If your interested in losing weight consistently have you tried the Healthy Eating forum here? Or even the Weight loss one? The info there might fit on well with your physical efforts too. But one step at a time (forgive the pun). If you're coping with b

  • Oops Sent too soon! If you're coping with bereavement maybe the walking side of things is enough for now. Only you will know what you need. But at least you know what's available on here. It's very supportive and friendly. Good luck. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with Sophie!

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