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Walking in the Alps

I went for a hike with friends in the Alps last Sunday. 17 km and a lot of steep climbing. It was the first real hike of the season and my legs protested, especially as the friends I was with are really fit. But the weather was gorgeous and I love hiking, especially in the mountains. Here are a few piccies (no idea why one of them insists on being sideways).

Here's to a great hiking and walking season this year!

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Wow lovely pictures. Look a great place to hike, I can't wait to get back to a good hike. Well done on the 17km.


I'v added the walker tracker on my phone but have no idea what I need to do (android). Does it still work if you have a limp?


I don't have an android so I can't help you there. My app just tracks away merrily in my pocket (you might have to switch it on first though). It reacts to the bumps as you walk and GPS. Apps on phones aren't the most accurate, but they give you an indication. And I'm sure they don't mind if you limp!

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is it a app that works in the background or do you need to click on the app for it to start recording? I would try it out at home. I'm sure it would work with a limp if not try a few as I am sure one will work for you. I was a big fan of the free app by Runtastic steps pedometer before I got my GPs watch. It logs you in on your phone GPs system them counts your steps and distance and records your routes to an account. There is a free version of it. So you could try it out before if you wanted. It is one you open before you walk. Not an all day steps tracker. I always find that little clip on pedometers are better for all day for a cheap alternative to fitbits and the like as they are not so bulky to carry around as a phone.


Thanks, JaySeeSkinny


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