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What walking means to me

Looking into my dogs eyes I know what they are saying. They are saying hurry up let's get going. Ellie who is 10 months sitt in the back of the car.we call her the supervisor. William lays down, I know he hates the car but he loves the destination. ,the pair of them make my walks so enjoyable. They play together and stay together. My walks I say I always take poo bags and binoculars. They don't mind if I stop to look at some bird or animal in the distance. Every season has its treasures. The winter is mainly about the birds. Spring starts with the snowdrops. Here in Norfolk their are many places to see snowdrops. Then its about primroses and daffodils and bird song.. The bluebells are next but Norfolk isn't the best for them. Ashridge near where I used to live is amazing. Its only a few months into the year already I have some lovely memories.

Having the dogs. They are golden retrievers so can do the distance. They make me get out their. Now it is more important. Last august I broke my leg and for 3 months I hardly walked. So it has taken time to get going again. I also gained a lot of weight and other health issues developed. By eating healthier and walking the weight is slowly dropping of me and I feel more energised. After my accident 2 miles was about my limit now I can manage 6 miles and still have the energy to do other things.

If I don't walk I feel stale. I don't do big miles I don't walk fast because for me its about the journey not about the destination. The same can be said about my weight loss. I am loosing weight slowly and as I go I am discovering so much. Its an adventure.

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What a wonderful post. Just everything a walk can be. Glad to hear your healing well. I grew up with retrievers. I miss walks with dogs but I always say hello to dogs in the park. I think my cats would leave home if I brought a dog home 😀.

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Mine weren't especially impressed when we got a pup but it was the rescue Bengals that really annoyed them (and with good reason) A couple of those annoy the whole street!


Dogs always love a walk - glad you can enjoy it together. I love your comment about the journey, sounds like you are covering a lot of ground and having great adventures and discoveries.


Yes we are thanks. Yesterday it was Rodon common, the day before it was west acre and before that it was santon downham, all very different and none more than 30 miniuts from home. Santon downham it is along the river and through the forest. The dogs love the river only as deep as they can fee! The bottom though. West acre is river and mainly open farm land roydon common is mainly heath so we get the opportunity to see lots of wild life. We never get tired of it. We are always planning new walks and are never disappointed


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