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Have just spent a week in Paris and come back the same weight as I was when I left in spite of eating wonderful French food and drinking incomparable French wine. The secret? Being a tourist, I was walking over 10,000 paces a day. So I am pleased with this piece of evidence about the 10,000 paces. However, i am 5'3" and weigh 12st12lb. So I think a plan may be forming ... my only worry is that I seemed to have plateaued at my weight. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Glad you had a nice holiday it sounds like my sort of holiday, walking and great food and wine πŸ˜€

If your happy with walking then I would try the new active ten app. It makes you quicken your pace and with that take you into to a cardio training level. This can help burn more calories from your walks. It only came out last week so if you try it please come back and let us know how you get on.

Thank you! I have just tried to get the Active 10App - at your suggestion - but am told I need an i-phone. I hace an i-pad abd a laptop but this doesn't seem to suit. So I'll have to wait until an i-pad version is available. However, the principle seems good so I can set something similar up on my fitbit abd hope for the best. I much prefer to be active than not eat, though, and am grateful for your suggestion.

Do you have an android phone? As I think google play do it as well. I am just playing around with it at the moment and finding my feet. The other way of upping your pace is starting to walking for one minute at your normal pace then really pick up the pace for 30/60 seconds then Drop the pace down a bit and repeat for a couple of times. It is really good for working the heartrate and weight loss and you just need a watch or do it or you can even do it roughly in your head. The only thing is start gently as it is more tiring than it feels on your first trip out πŸ˜€.

Yes, google play do it but no, I haven't got an android. So I'll try with Fitbit. Enthused, anyway.

I know from running that setting goals for myself is important. Also important was that I celebrated my goals.

For example, I'd want to try and increase the distance I was going out. I'd sign up for an event, say a 5k run/walk a few months in the future. Now I'd have a goal to aim for, and I'd have to practice running longer, practice running faster so that by the time the event rolled around I knew I would succeed. Events are a blast, so that was my reward - feeling accomplished and enjoying the atmosphere of others completing their goals. It doesn't have to be an organized event, it could also be a special walk or hike that you want to build up to, or even a hill in your neighborhood that you'd like to get to the top of without a rest break.

I've applied these same types of goals to my walking since I've been having health problems and they're working great for me. Otherwise no goal, nothing for me to push for.

Happy walking! It really is the greatest thing about vacations, though the wine and food don't hurt either.

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