Arthritis Hip Exercises - Find Which Is More Effective

Arthritis Hip Exercises - Find Which Is More Effective

Your doctor gave you a diagnosis of arthritis. He also recommended that you take up exercise to improve your hip joint health. Nevertheless, what forms of arthritis hip exercises can you take up that will strengthen the muscles around the joint without aggravating the arthritis itself?

1. Pilates offers a great range of arthritis hip exercises. Many Pilate exercises happen on the floor mat. You use simple controlled movements to strengthen the joints and muscles. While these exercises may seem inadequate for any results, you will be quite surprised. When it comes to arthritis hip exercises, this form is one of those that many people overlook. You can also use yoga to get much the same effects.

2. Water aerobics are another way to do Arthritis Hip Exercises. Water helps give the body buoyancy and that takes the stress off the legs and hips. When doing arthritis hip exercises in a water setting, you can get a wider range of motion. You also get a built in resistance from the water that helps make the exercises even more effective.

3. Cycling is a great low impact option in arthritis hip exercises. With cycling, you are not carrying the pressure on your lower body. The bike is providing the structure between you and the road. While you are moving the joints, they are not bearing your weight. Yet the constant need to push the cycle forward with the pedals offers both strengthening and aerobic aspects of exercise.

4. Swimming offers another way to exercise. When it comes to arthritis hip exercises, swimming provides you the benefits of water aerobics as well as an exercise that moves the entire body at one time. If you want arthritis hip exercises you can do regularly, swimming is one of those that many seem to enjoy.

5. Walking offers all the benefits of other arthritis hip exercises. You might think that walking would only aggravate your hips. However, gentle, low impact walking is one of the best arthritis hip exercises. The body was made for walking. In addition, when you do it, you will strengthen the hips and the muscles around it.

6. Using weights is a great way to gain strength in the muscles and bones. As arthritis hip exercises, weight training will give your bones and muscles a real benefit.

You can mix and match Arthritis hip exercises based on how your joints are feeling and your exercise likes and dislikes.