Seasonal Effective Disorder!!!

Seasonal Effective Disorder is starting I think, I havent been able to get out of my chair to do anything,,,today, its like the ceiling should have a nice blue skys, Omg I hate this feeling. I wonder if gp will give me more and increase my dose. yesterday I eat 6 cakes small ones but this is not in character, and slept till 12.30pm which Im usually up by 9am. So something isnt right with me.

Is anyone else, feeling the same???

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  • I have had seasonal affective disorder (SAD), an appropriate name. I lived in California most of my life and then moved to Washington state where the sun ☀️ never shines and it rains frequently. Within months I was on anti-depressants. I exercised, which helped, but the lack of sun drove me nuts. I got one of those lights for the disorder. It truly helped. For personal reasons I ended up moving back to California, but that light was a lifesaver. You might try that. Just an idea. I imagine your weather is about the same as Washington. Take care, I hope you find something that helps. Nesie 237

  • I'm starting to feel like I could be experiencing something similar.. last year I started getting depressed around the time of October... this summer I was fine and happy, then around end of September I had to go back to the doctors and double my dosage of antidepressants as it seems to have got worse. I question the timings and whether this could be SAD.

    I am the same I absolutely hate winter and getting out of bed when it's cold and dark, I find it impossible and avoid going outside as much as humanly possible!! It feels like there is no point in getting up!! I am thinking of trying one of those lights for SAD as they seem to have good reviews.

  • Hi I've recently started using my s.a.d. light to try to stop the urge to be hibernate that always kicks in around when the clocks change..

    Im planning to make weekends time for outdoors , whether it's gardening, walks, or driving out somewhere.

    The heating is turned up too nothing worse than being cold as well as in the dark

    I do need to often go into survival mode during the winter get, and rely on basic coping strategies

  • Well done, although I look outside and its cold inside and I just look, and think , ooooh I dont want to move.

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