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I came across this excellent page recently which highlights the importance of self worth and trust, which spirals into exhaustion when things are not going well

Truly supporting each other, which we can do on this website, involves bearing these points in mind in all our actions. What do you think?

I believe some may currently have that exhausted feeling. Can we help each other to conquer this and feel that self worth again?

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  • We have had two suicides in our family, and I admit to considering it myself.The article was an eye opener. I plan to read it again. I wear a mask and I know the exhaustion of being with people. I didn't realize how really tired I am.I think I will show this to my Dr.and my husband.. I'm not sure I even know myself. Thank you for sharing I feel like I have a place to start. Pam

  • Hi Dave and good morning. Thanks for Posting that helpful link and I intend to look at it later.

    Yes I agree that some here may feel exhausted, but let's go forward and as you say be kind and supportive to each other. We have a good community here and all the knowledge and experience we all have.

    It's great to have this and even though I rarely post about my issues, I do get a lot from the Forum. I better rush off now as I am going on Hols. Tomorrow and have lots of stuff to get done today.


  • Goldfish_ I just want to say Thankyou for posting this .. I can relate to EVERYTHING in this link .. It is as if it was written just for me .. Thankyou .. I am going through the mill again just now and absolutely shattered after just three hours sleep .. I will read it again and I say Thankyou again :)

  • I truly hope so Goldfish_I really do. We are in such danger of losing this Forum and I really don't think some members realise how close to that we are. It is up to all of us to make this Forum a place we can be proud of.


  • I know how close we are to losing it Chloe

  • I really hope this can become a close, compassionate Forum Satsuma and that members support and protect each other as far as possible. What really upsets me are the posts that provoke problems rather than support. We have so many wonderful caring people here, let's take care of them all.


  • We were doing just that before the cuffuffle .. I, for one felt uncomfortablle because of it as too other members aswell .. I felt that maybe I provoked problems cos I feel down into the dumps a lot and I have mentioned being close to ending it .. And after reading what I read instability set in. I am fighting it every single day .. I have also posted positive posts too and wrote lots of poetry ... When upset like what has happened is bound to cause discontent for a while until the dust settles. It takes me a good while to get over any kind of discomfort

  • Hi Satsuma,

    I understand, really I do. I will be starting another topic shortly headed Poetry Corner and look forward to your words :-)


  • Sounds great. Are you going to have different sections for which kind of poetry it is .. Happy poetry, Sad poetry, Mediocre Poetry etcetera

  • Thanks I will, great idea. Please let me know the sections you want and I will add these before anyone posts in there.


  • Well poetry denotes a range of emotions throughout really .. You would have to do many categories for every different emotion if that is the case .. It could become quite a drawn out affair thinking about it .. Bit like our thoughts .. Happy, sad, neither, bit of both, more sad than happy, more happy than sad .. Happy with sad undertones, not so sad with happy undertones ... Gosh I have opened a can of worms now it appears. It is frazzling my head :(

  • Oh dear, I don't think we can incorporate all of those emotions Satsuma, it's amazing when you think about it just how many different emotions we all go through!


  • Yes it is amazing ... No wonder we are all up the wall not feeling we fit in to places .. It can have us questioning ourselves and our actions on many differing levels. The worms are having a disco now

  • The other possibility is to have a separate area in the forum where people can post sensitive subjects. This is the guidance for the SANE forum

    Sensitive/difficult topics *Trig*

    Some topics, eg suicide, self-harm or particularly distressed feelings can trigger difficult responses in


    Please mark such topics with *Trig* as some people may wish to avoid reading these posts.

    Please note:

    *Trig* posts to be posted in Mutual Support Room, Safe Room and Rant Room only.

  • Good idea Goldfish_

  • You've taken the words right out of my mouth Golfish :-)

    (your post is pinned)


  • For some reason, I can't pin this but I will look into it.

    Thank you Goldfish_

  • That's a good idea Goldfish. Thanks! I look at another forum to do with ptsd and sensitive/difficult posts are marked as *triggers* in exactly the way you suggest.

  • Very true

  • Goldfish I would like to thank you so much for posting this as it is what I am going through at the moment. Brought tears to my eyes (in a good way) to even start to watch it. I do think it's important that we are not left feeling more isolated having these kinds of feelings as it is bad enough feeling like this in the first place. I like your ideas about trigger warnings also.

    Gemma x

  • I apologise to you Goldfish_ for over taking your post for a while

  • No worries, I hadn't even noticed and anyway I have rhinoceros skin.

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