Extreme health anxiety & depressed

I am just asking for help please? Has any of y'all ever overcame extreme health anxiety?It is so horrible. It keeps me up at night, it keeps me depressed also. I fear all kinds of things from brain aaneurysms, brain tumors, and heart problems... it's because I also gets symptoms pains in my head, dropping sensations in chest where I can't breath.... it's so bad y'all. I've even stopped talking to my friends. I just want to get my life back on track and quit thinking about this, get rid of my fears. I want to feel good again. Please help?

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  • I know about these feelings. I've had them for many years. My advice is to ask your doctor for a check up on all your symptoms.You will likely find there is nothing wrong with you.The relief you will feel is enormous.Being the kind of person you are will maybe mean you will go through this again but maybe not. If you don't take the plunge and find out, you will never be rid of your fears. Your imagination is fueling your dreads. This is what I do and find such a relief afterwards. It's worth the short term anxiety. Please do it.xxx.

  • Toxicity33---how are you? You haven't come back to us.

    Please let me know if you are any further on with trying to calm your nerves down. Have you asked a doctor for a comprehensive checkup? Perhaps this is not what you feel you can do. Myra.

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