How old do you need to be

Hi everyone!

I noticed that some of you have been reporting posts from new teen community members. So, just a quick reminder that people under the age of 16 are prohibited from creating an account and becoming a member of HealthUnlocked:

If you don't know how to report users / content to admins and HU, please have a look here:

We ask that users do not respond to underage members, and report their content; we will then get in touch with them and give contact details for more appropriate help. 

Thanks for your support!

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  • Thanks VESA, I don't reply to them and I think it will be good if other people didn't

    Reply either   For sensible reasons and just report them.

    It's sad that so many young people are looking for help here.


  • Hello Vesa

    Personally I would prefer not to answer those underage teens although sometimes it can be awkward to work out how old people are from just calling themselves teenagers as there is a three year period from sixteen to nineteen that people can rightly ask for advise. Can you advise how we can find out how old these people are, we cannot see them and if they are still at school that still covers some of them to at least seventeen years old.

    Would you prefer that no teens are given advise ? I am not trying to be a bother, we all need direction on this matter as we do on occasions discuss this problem of age between ourselves.

    All the very best and thank you.


  • 2 of the recent posters did say they were 14 and 13 respectively and they still got a lot of replies.   x

  • Hello VESA. I did reply to some of them because I was not aware of this rule. This is no excuse as it was included in the terms and policies that I had to look at so I apologize. I did not read it so I promise to do so before typing anything else here.

  • Thank you for the clarification Vesa.   It's good to know what we should be doing in future.   I must admit I never reply to under age users on the principle that what I say could cause them more harm than good because they are so young.   I would rather err on the side of caution.  

    Also I am aware of the no under 16's policy which is part of the terms and conditons of being a member of HU.   One thing I'm not sure about is does the system let under age users join if they put their correct d of b in?   If not would it be possible to put that in the software?    Or does a warning flash up?   I know that some will put a false d of b and there isn't much you can do about that.  x

  • Yes I would like to know if something can be done on admittance to site, the problem is I could be to trusting although sorry to say if I have doubts I should act upon them for that I am sorry, although we need help here


  • Hi,

    Currently, we trust that users will use our site appropriately. We can't really prevent under age members from signing up, or prove that a user is underage. However, if it is clear from the content of a post that a member is underage, please report it to let us know!

  • Hello Vesa

    Yes I will let you know if I feel the post is from a young teen.

    We have gone through this on several occasions and I will need to become more cynical to posts we see


  • other forums have buttons to click on to say that your a certain age. so it is possible to do this as they have to agree to the terms and conditions and you can put that in with the terms and condition, I'm not playing detective i could be wrong and leave someone who is seriously depressed out in the cold.

  • you should have something on your registration page that people click on to say that they are at least 16. if they don't click on that then they should not be allowed to register. other forum sites have that. its not fair asking us to do your job. and not only that some of these posts are desperately unhappy and your asking us to ignore them??? thats unfair on us.

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