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  • 3 minutes ago
    Such kind words everyone x I feel like a different person now. This site really helped me and i can never thank you all enough for your support x
  • 4 minutes ago
  • 8 minutes ago
    Hi all, so great to see the support flooding in. Your advice is really striking a chord with me. I would like to know what CBT is? I do feel like I was extremely attached to my boyfriend and I do feel like I have always needed to feel wanted and ...
  • 23 minutes ago
  • 25 minutes ago
    Hi I have been thinking about whether to see my GP and discuss my mental health for some time probably 2 or more years. I have taken numerous internet based tests on depression, and know that I display several of the symptoms. I haven't actually ...
  • 27 minutes ago
  • 37 minutes ago
  • an hour ago
  • an hour ago
    Hi Hannah My first thoughts are he is very stressed. In men stress & depression can manifest themselves in being iritable & quick to losing temper - I have been like this the last 6-12 months. I sub-consciously realised but didn't know until I ...
  • an hour ago
    My depression has changed over the last 6-12 months. I find that when I get negative & low I apologise a lot sometimes. I say this because I will no doubt say sorry a few times in the sorry for that (I also use humour to deflect ...
  • 2 hours ago
    Morning James Thank you so much for a little bit on an insight into way men see things. That is pretty much like my husband. He tends to do very similar to what you have described above. He took a pay cut at the beginning of the year, which I ...
  • 2 hours ago
    responded to Hello there
    Not a big fan of anti-depressants because I don't like the idea of having to rely on them but they can help. I recently started taking some & apparently it can take a few weeks for them to kick in fully. For me I don't plan on being on them for ...
  • 2 hours ago
    Hi again I am glad to hear you are using the Uni counselling service, they are usually well qualified and seeing them is faster than waiting for an NHS appointment. I was struck by your saying you couldn't cope with being alone and that all you ...
  • 3 hours ago
    Hello and welcome to the website. You have had a hard time having been depressed from such an early age! You have also had very difficult experiences with the mental health teams! I do know how unhelpful they sometimes are as I also had ...
  • 3 hours ago
    Thanks everyone for your support. It is nice to hear that people understand where you are coming from at such a rough time in my life. I cannot describe how exhausted I am, I woke up at every hour in the night panicking because I couldn't cope ...
  • 3 hours ago
  • 3 hours ago
    Hi Welcome and I am sorry you are feeling so very low but it is only natural when all your plans seem to have collapsed that you will be feeling very low, also you are having to deal with the loss of your grandparents which sound as though they ...
  • 3 hours ago
    Hi I'm glad to hear things are going well for you now, sounds like the new job has made all the difference. Take care and thank you for letting us know how you are doing, it's good to have you back again. Suex
  • 3 hours ago
    If we hold dear to our heart,those we cherish from the start, Then the space from beginning to end is simply time we bend, For our journeys may venture differently and our path a beaten brow, Its so very important to understand and enjoy now, ...
  • 4 hours ago
    Hello again! It's so nice that you've taken time to pop in and let us know how you're feeling. I'm glad your post is a happy one! See you soon Lucy x

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