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Advice on neck pain


Hi I have been getting SharpStabbing pains on the right side of my neck for 3 days they come be go throughout the day and night I’m getting very worried if this could be because of my acoustic neuroma. My last scan was 6 month ago and the tumour was 6mm I have my next mri this Friday any advice please ad I’m getting myself poorly with worry I’m thinking these sharp neck pains is from tumour

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Try not to worry until you know what your-scan shows, best to wait until you are sure what you are dealing with. Good luckx

Thank you xx

I have sharp stabbing pains on my left side, my consultant said its is the nerves relaying pain from the AN. Mine is 35mm and I am okay, dont worry. Good luck

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Thank you for the reply it’s really worrying I’m terrified and getting very depressed and scared and can’t snap out of it I keep expecting something bad to happen

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Remeber your AN is only small and even if it is fast growing it will still be small. Mine is fast growing and has taken 10 years to get to the size it is. It is worrying and my consultant said its totally normal to be depressed about having an AN, maybe speak to a GP about it. I am on medication and it really helps.

The worst that can happen is you will need surgery to have it removed and you feel grotty in the mean time. And remember its begnin. I like to be honest as I would want people to be honest with me. Good luck!

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