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Swooshing noise in left ear after Gamma knife in February this year

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I had Gamma knife in February this year in London for a AN which is at the left side of my head and it affects my balance and now have a swishing noise in my left ear .I am due for a MRI scan next February at Addonbrooks UK ,did anyone get a swoshing noise in the left ear after they had Gamma knife please.xx

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Yes, I had swooshing, plus hissing, plus gurgling, plus cricket sounds, etc. That's the way it will be from now on (and it is due to AN damage, not the gamma knife surgery). Other than a hissing tinnitus the rest are momentary and come and go.

If you want to resolve your balance problems, go to the following link and do the "cerebellum resetting" exercises.


It will take a few weeks of doing them at least once a day to reset your cerebellum and probably once or twice a month to reset it from then on (it's better than being unbalanced and the brain pain that goes with it).


I already have the 'swooshig noise' and this is prior to Gammaknife- 6 weeks every day. (Also at Addenbrookes) How did you find the Gammaknife treatment? I am not looking forward to it!

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Not very nice I did not like it but they gave me a pill to calm me down,had it at at Bart's hospital London,have to wait for a year for MRI scan at Addonbrooks Cambridge to see if it have shrinked ,have you had Gamma knife Rosjr yet .xx

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Gamma knife not nice but they did give me a tablet to help me which helped a lot so if anyone having Gamma knife ask for a tablet

Yes i had GK in july 18 and 4 months on have the noise you describe, just hope it calms down in time . How are you now ?

Hi. I have a swooshing noise in my ear at the moment. I had Gamma Knife surgery 6 years ago and have been ok since. I have had this noise before about 6 months ago but it only usually lasts a few days. Even though it doesn’t usually last long it drives me mad. My AN was 23.5 mm. Would be interested to know if yours goes soon. Take care

Hi, I had my surgery in October 2018 and recently started having that sound when I move my head around. I am a bit worried 😬

Most people with AN seem to Getz Tinnitus. Whichever treatment choice x

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