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Hello! I'm new to posting on here but have been following. My husband was diagnosed with a 1.5cm AN back in late November and he has the appt with the consultant in Aintree hospital 28th Feb. I am not sure what to expect! My undestanding is that he has probably had it a while so they might watch and wait? Has anyone else got experience of an AN that size?

Thank you for reading,

Fiona x

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I know people with larger and smaller but that’s not the problem, it all depends where it is and what symptoms it is causing

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Hi Feknowles, that is a smallish An so shouldn't cause too much trouble in the short term (but it might so keep an eye on it). It is a good thing to try to educate yourself and your husband prior to the consultation so that you can both understand what on earth he/she is talking about and ask useful questions. A good place for patient friendly information is anworld.com/ if you are interested you can read the story of my AN journey as well. Bear in mind I was treated 20 years ago so things ought to have improved since then! anarchive.org/chris.htm Good luck


Thank you! Will follow your links, hopefully they will just watch it and see.


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