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Pain Relief and Other Issues


We had a really good 'zoom' meeting on 13 October with about 60 participants and have pout the notes up on to the Information Hub of our Achalasia Action website:

There was a presentation by Anthony Hobson about manometry and how this can help diagnose problems, and even in some cases of obstruction at an early stage, the results can point to ways in which peristalsis can be partially restored. There are other conditions that look like achalasia at first sight. Nowadays testing can be done with substances that are thicker than just water, so the process replicates everyday swallowing conditions better.

More discussion about the different types of achalasia, and details of the Chicago classification system where the details of pressure exerted by the muscles determine the achalasia type in order to try and standardise how the medical profession deals with achalasia types.

Chest Pains

POEM procedure

Diet for young people

Pills getting stuck in the oesophagus

We hope that these notes are helpful, and we can discuss any topics more fully here if people want further information.

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Thank-you for this. I didn’t see that a meeting was happening but did enjoy reading the notes. I had the oesophagectomy 14 years ago but still closely follow achalasia and this update was very useful. Thank-you.