OMG bilateral pulmonary embolism out of the blue !!

I went to hospital because I had a pain in my left calf for a few days, felt like cramp. 9 hours later in hospital turned out I have blood clots in both lungs. O m g , where did they come from. Had no long flights, nothing they usually causes them. Put on Rivaroxaban 20mg , been on them for three moths now. Been off work and waiting for results from CT , mammogram, blood tests, CT for stomach and pelvis too. Petrified that it could happen again !

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  • Do you have Hughes/ Antiphospholipid syndrome? This is a forum for this.

  • And !

  • Hi, I had a DVT out of the blue in December, told it could be Cancer and should have tests, asked if had to come off HRT and was told, no tests needed it is the HRT. Not satisfied and concerned that cancer was mentioned insisted on the tests, especially as having stomach pains for over 2 year now. Have recently had mammogram and age related smear so all clear there. Had the scan Tuesday at 18.00 and terrified when the phone goes in case it is bad news. Would have hoped if anything sinister they would contact me straight away, but not sure how these things work. Like you I keep checking legs and every little niggle is to my mind another DVT.

  • Good luck nothing, as you say, "sinister" will be found 💕🦋💕

  • Bless you most of time I don't think about it however every pain in leg or chest brings it all back. Have you had a filter put in to stop clots from leg reaching lungs? I've had I in now for 19 years and it does help you to worry less.

    Stay strong


  • How did you get the filter? I have been diagnosed just after I gave birth 7 weeks ago currently on heparin. Got a follow up with the haematologist.

  • Hi I've had my filter for 18yrs. My gynacologist told me about them, I was in hospital at the time, he sorted it all out. All I can say is ask all the doctors you are seeing. Sorry I can't tell you more. Good luck xxx

  • That happened to me, the surgeon asked if I had fallen over or knocked my legs at all in that time, when I thought about it I had fallen over the cat tray and landed heavily on my leg. I needed emergency open heart surgery to clear the clots and an I v filter fitted to help prevent further clots and riveroxaban. Mx

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