Treatment for Dvt and results.

How long does it take to disperse a clot.i still have a painful leg and it is still swollen and hot.I am on simtron started this in Spain with injections of heparin as well to start with. What is the normal blood reading.Flew home a week after starting treatment.

I have had several big back operations and a knee replacement, and am now finding it very hard to walk very far.Will this improve in time?


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  • I've had 3 DVT in my right leg I've never been given a time for the clot to disperse.

  • I don't think there is a set time for the blood clot to clear. As I understand it the clot clears naturally. The drugs simply reduce the risk of something more serious like PE. Even after the blood clot clears you may still get PTS symptoms from time to time which are similar to the DVT. They are tricky things blood clots!

  • how long is piece of string ?? I've been told mine may never clear completely .... mine was cvst - which is blood clot in the brain - Oct 2014.

    Keep on keeping on ! :-)

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