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I'm always bored. Life feels boring.


I struggle from depression and was constantly sad, but now everything I do is boring. I talk to a therapist and take medicine, but life is boring. Everything that used to give me joy gives me no happiness anymore. I'm so bored. Why can't I just be happy like everyone else?

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Sounds like you’ve lost interest in things.. it happens to the best of us..and not everyone else is happy really what they show isn’t always what they’ve gone through or going through..everyone you know or meet is going through a tough time they just good at hiding it

Hope you feel good soon

Take it easy

Thank you.

First thing to say is that bored is better than sad. You are probably on the right track. Gradually little chinks of light will break through. Value them rather than the big boring part. You’ll get there.

It doesn't really feel better to be numb than sad. :/

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