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rejection from internal job interviews..


hello there. so I've mentioned in previous posts ive been suffering with depression around 2 and a half years.

last year I applied for an internal job at workplace for a team leader role in my team. in a few words i didn't get it and was told why, mostly all good. last week I applied for another internal role (again in my team) and didn't get it, don't fully agree with the managers reasons. however have been given a small.payrise i see that as a good thing.

however.... i can't not stop myself feeling a a sense of rejection. which is starting to effect my mental health and my confidence. at the beginning of the year i spoke to my doc and went down a dose of my pills as I was doing ok. i don't know if this is just the depression talking though I feel this could massively effect me applying for other jobs and my parents just do not understand depression and will kick me out if i get signed off again.

any advice to help matters would be amazing, thank you all:)

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What’s your feeling right now is quite normal but

Don’t blame yourself or try to not to project that feeling of rejection on you. Just because people don’t see what you see doesn’t mean you’re not qualified for the job. Your qualifications don’t define by people, you knew you fit when you applied for the job and that’s enough. Don’t give up and try to show what you’ve got to people or to your manager

Good luck !🍀

U got a pay raise,so whether big or small thats a great thing.

Even though u didnt get the jobs u wanted "U STILL GOT A PAYRAISE!!!

Look at all this as fate u didnt get those jobs n u have better things to come for ur future.

Its also good u saw ur doc about ur meds.

I think ur parents should be proud that ur handling ur mental health,u have a job n got a payraise.

Dont be down on urself..take each day as it comes.Thinking about tomorrow just adds more stress when u have depression...i know this all too well.

These tiny little rejections can affect you overly when you are so tightly tuned (guitar ref). But you tend to focus on the negatives when you are in that state, and forget the positives. You got a pay rise! That means that while they didn’t see you as quite right for the job you were going for, they wanted to send a message that you are still highly valued!

A better opportunity will come at some point. Keep calm.

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