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I didn't know having depression made me a "bad" person

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My roommate and I do not get along, however her mom called my mom today and said "Well, before me daughter moved in with yours, we didn't know she was on meds for all her issues she has. Many that's why my daughter is so miserable living with yours". I'm not sure why my antidepressant medication has anything to do with my roommate or her mom, because it does not effect either one of them. Is it just me being overly sensitive about her comment, or does anyone else feel like they would be disrespected and stigmatized due to their mental health condition?

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The mother clearly doesn’t understand your situation or what actually a mental illness is. Did you ever talk with her or with your roommate?

Hi llamalover

Tell your roommate and her nosy mother to keep out your business if you wanted their opinion I'm sure will ask for it..incident like these can elivate our mood and having depression you could become lower....mental health does have a huge stigma attached to it but there is so much of it around yet not alot of people understand it unless you live it..

Hope this helps


That's awful and non-sense. That was not appropriate and none of her business. I hope you don't take it personally. That was definitely her at fault for being ignorant and is not based on you

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