I like to go out from time to time just to have some fun and catch up with friends or I had a crap week. Sometimes the reason is because of STRESS combination of work and family

As you read along you might think I'm abit harsh but unfortunately I just don't have any love or any emotion for this man he's like a stranger to me. Even though on paper he's my father, the amount of stories I heard about my father there absolutely disgusting 95% of the stories are not from my mother. She still to this day doesn't like telling me things regarding about my father even though I get told by the sisters especially from them or by other members of the family or family friends.

Just to add I'm 27 lol that what frustrates the hell out of me I totally understand she didnt ant to tell me when I was younger. But for FECK sake I'm 27 plus she knows the sisters tell me so I really don't know why she doesn't say anything

Family- Recently I heard and this was news to me I was shocked and angry and upset

1- When I was born Still young my father and mother was going through a rocky patch in there marriage. My father (I knew about this) bought his new lady along to the family house to rub it in my mother face. Then the next time (this one didn't know anything about it ) he said to my mother have a day out with the children which was me and the second oldest sister both young at the time. To scotland the ONLY reason why he said that was because he wanted the house empty so he can have sex with the women I MEAN WHO DOES THAT ????? SERIOUSLY

2- Heard he might have cancer like I said before what I'm going to say next you might thinks it's abit harsh. I laughed a little and a little smile to pop out

3-Before getting married to my mother he was in love with another women called Sandra now this women was married plus kids. He named his first born Sandra Why would you even do that ?????

4-He recently ISH well to me it was lol. Now this is the second time he broke the law and went to jail not sure what he done but obviously something bad

Also Heard from the half sister that he was planning on coming to the UK last year but didn't due to an operation. And he might be coming to the UK this year, When I last spoke to him I told him to not call me and leave me alone I just want nothing to do with the man.

But since hearing about the naming of his first child and the scotland trip I want him to call me. Only to give him two barrels

I'am ashamed to be his daughter and having him as my father

Older sister- basically my older sister might have some form of aspergers now it's not her fault the only thing that's annoying me and the other sister is she's in denial and doesn't want any help. Now if it's because she feels embarrassed about it (what about me how do you think I felt )???

Recently her old room at the family house now this room been locked for almost 20 years ( not joking). In that 20 years been opened few ish times plus she hasn't been living here at the family house for about 20 years

We recently needed the room back due to family members coming over to stay and needed the room. We gave her plenty of notice to find the key(we all knew she losted it and doesn't know where it is) but with her it went in 1 ear and came out the other didn't really take us seriously.

Anyway long story short we got the locksmith out opened it got rid of the old furniture Gave it to charity in preparation for that we had to empty the draws bear in mind MOSTLY rubbish.

She was upset at the following-

1- we didn't tell her when the room opened

2-we touched her stuff

3-she didn't see her room when it first opened and she didn't get to take a picture when we first opened it.

4-she was upset that we got rid of her furniture (even though she didn't pay for it )

5-she was upset that her stuff was everywhere (when we put it in bags)

bear in mind when we opened it her stuff was everywhere when we first opened it

6- she was upset that we mixed her desk stuff within her wardrobe stuff

she's currently giving me and the mother and the other sister the cold shoulder due to this. The only reason why we didn't tell her at first because we knew she will take forever in getting it sorted

I think week 2 or 3 When I went to the nan's I was minding my own business she basically started on me. I was holding my tongue but enough was enough she was cussing me out still going on about her bloody room. when both of us was cussing each other out I said to her (she knew this ) " you wonder why I go out all the time and you wonder why I get tattoos because you stress the hell out of me " she replied with don't blame me for that.

At the point my chest was really tight breathing really hard etc. When I walked out I rang the other sister told her what happened I just couldn't hold it in I broke down and I was in public trying to calm down all I could think about was I needed something to drain the pain and anger away all I could think of at the time was TATTOO so I went and made appointment then within 30-45 mins of making the appointment I went back and cancelled it ( not sure why)

After it happened I was still thinking about it then I just went to another tattoo place and i booked for my tattoo. And it was the same day where I cancelled my first appointment I call that fate lol

anyhoos just wanted to say that and get if off my chest lol xxx


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