Need Advice on suicide and other things

This is my second post on the website, and feedback I got helped quite a lot so here goes. Along with hearing my voices more and feeling disconnected among other things, I have been considering suicide for the past 3-ish months now. I thought that eventually, my parents and family would be able to handle it, until my cousin killed herself last month. Now I fear that it will have much too hard if a negative impact on my entire family. Despite that, I can't help but have these things on my mind. I have it all I planned out-- I would overdose on OxyContin and fall into a deep sleep (and never wake up). Another issue i have run into is : What if I fail? I'm not afraid of seeing my parents or being asked why, I'm afraid of the effects on my body. If I were to remain alive, i would have liver failure resulting in needing my stomach pumped and a few other procedures. Any advice on that, Also, I'm seeing my therapist in a couple days, and I am going to be completely honest with her (with the exception of suicidal thoughts and cutting in the past) but I'm not sure what hints I can drop to see if I need a psychiatrist. I need advice on this as well. Any feedback? Thanks!

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  • hi sorry that things are getting to you and sorry for your loss.i too feel disconnected at times like I'm the only one suffering.i overdosed a few years ago and by chance I was seen acting suspicious by the police.had it not been for that I would have died infact I had slipped to the other side.i had to be brought back to life and I felt terrible knowing my family had to go through it being honest about everything including the thoughts and cutting otherwise your doctor cant fully help you.some how I'm still here and now I'm glad to be here.any help or advice I can offer I'm here for you.

  • Don't think about your whole life. Just concentrate on getting to the psychologist and telling him/her everything. Good luck.

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