Tinnitus GONE! A chance for everyone?

I am new to this forum.

Amazingly I am no longer plagued with the nightmare of tinnitus. After suffering for more than ten years it is under absolute control. Here is my story.

I had read in a local newspaper of the work of Dr Cunningham of Newcastle University who had been recognised for his successful work in seeking a cure for Tinnitus. Desperate to seek an improvement in my condition, I offered myself to him as a guinea pig for any tests or experiments. I was very disappointed when this offer was politely turned down as they apparently had enough test pieces.

Aware that my general hearing was poor because of the near deafening tinnitus noise, my doctor arranged for me to have a hearing test at the NHS Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

On 22:12:2016 I was subject to a hearing test and found to be a suitable candidate for hearing aids. Two months later on 21:02:2017, I was fitted with Siemens Teneo aids behind each ear. Previous hearing aids had made sounds louder but did not over-ride the tinnitus which made me cynical about the procedure i was currently undergoing. The technician understood this but asked me to give the fittings an hour trial

Driving home from the hospital, I was immediately struck how noisy my car engine was and also by the sudden ability to hear sounds such as my clothes rustling as I moved. Later, during our evening meal, my life was suddenly changed. I noticed I COULD NOT HEAR ANY TINNITUS. .

Removing the aids results in the return of the fearful din within 5 minutes. However, the amazing miracle of near silence returns within 5 minutes of replacement.

The technician had given me an app to use with my smart phone. This was to enable me to make adjustments to volume and /or pitch with a simple slide bar. Even with the volume at minimum, there was no tinnitus. As long as the blue tooth system was switched on, whatever removed the problem, continued to do so.

At the beginning of this note I wrote of my absolute control. I do not claim to be tinnitus free but my remedy removes all evidence of its presence.

George Watt

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  • Hi George,

    This is very encouraging. After 10 years suffering you must be very relieved.

    Do the hearing aids provide a masking sound also or are they purely to improve your hearing? They sound very high tech ones if you can link them to your phone.

    I hope your silence continues.



  • Hello Neal.

    The hearing aids do NOT mask the tinnitus. Tinnitus is NOT apparent when aids are on.

    The hearing aids were initially fitted to improve my hearing.

    The removal of tinnitus is an EXCEPTIONAL bonus - now primary to me.

    The hearing aids use blue tooth to connect with each other through my head.

    The link to my phone is NOT important

    They are issued FREE on the NHS to pensioners (hardly high tech)

    Regards - George

  • Hi George,

    Thanks for your reply. This is very interesting, my tinnitus is caused from hearing loss just in one ear and knowing now how the aids have helped you it gives me hope that investigating there use might be the way for me to go.

    Thanks very much



  • Hello Neal. You are absolutely right to pursue this. I notice that when I remove ONE hearing aid - TINNITUS RETURNS after 5 minutes or so. Draw your own conclusions from that.

    I am not a hearing doctor or a "techi" or anything like that. All I offer is my experience as someone who had suffered from tinnitus. I seek no glory or money but I do want to offer hope against this terrible affliction. There MUST be others like me who have not managed to get their message across. I cannot be the only one to have this success. I can never forget telling my wife how much I would like to "hear" silence again. Now I can experience this - and I do.

    I joined this forum at the suggestion of a member of the hearing disability staff at the Newcastle Freeman Hospital yesterday.


  • I have a follow up appointment at the Royal ENT hospital London in November and intend to speak to them about the use of hearing aids.

    Thanks again for your info



  • Thanks for posting that great news George. My hearing aid is the main reason my tinnitus has quietened. Also good to read of the good work of our scientists/medical people. Angela xx

  • Really pleased that you've found something that quietens the monster and I sincerely hope that the improvement is sustained for you.

    My first thought on seeing the thread title was that this was some sort of pitch for a scam and the CAPITALS in your posts do put me in mind of the quack doctors infesting the internet proclaiming a CURE FOR TINNITUS. 'Don't take my word for it, SEE FOR YOURSELF!'.

    I'm sorry to sound so cynical, but basically what you're saying is that you've been given some hearing aids & they've improved your situation. Hearing aids are an accepted part of one of the main planks of tinnitus management (sound therapy), so I don't think the Pope needs to worry about proclaiming a miracle just yet.

  • Fantastic result George "ENJOY".

    Regards Sammie

  • Hi George great news and I am so pleased for you, if you get chance could you tell us what model the teneo aids are please.

    Regards Sammie.

  • Hello Sammie.

    Made by Siemens, the model is Teneo M+.

    Regards - George

  • Wow thats great news and so glad you have found a way to relieve you of the noise. I too wear a hearing aide (nhs supplied oticon) and it does help to distract my brain from my tinnitus but not completely. I can adjust the volumn and switch from HA to ocean waves or pink noise but unless my T is low, i can still notice its there even if i have to have the volumn up if my T is loud. I hope with more time this will improve too.

    I can also have days when i dont need to wear it but maybe i should keep it in everyday? What do you think?


  • Lesley, I came onto this board to offer hope to those who felt there is none. Like yourself, I had tried various hearing aids privately purchased) which did not improve my quality of life. Being able to hear someone over and above the tinnitus noise or variations of white noise etc, gave me no pleasure or relief. I am being careful, Ruud, not to shout my joy at now having control over the terrible din. Without pontificating, (or shouting) I want to tell all those who fear they will never be free of the problem, there is hope. No scam or false hope is intended. I am an 80 year whose hearing was probably damaged working in heavy engineering on Tyneside. An 80 year old who welcomed the opportunity to tell anyone who wants to know, I am no longer troubled with tinnitus since I was fitted with inexpensive hearing aids supplied by the NHS. I do not claim to have found miracle cure - just a very satisfactory remedy. Go for it Lesley,


  • Hi I get the same experience as you when I put my hearing aids in my Tinnitus almost disappeared it's only when I take them out it screams so I am very grateful for the relatively quiet. David

  • That's great David. I notice you refer to "hearing aids" - as I do. Hopefully more sufferers can get relief by doing as we have.


  • I love to hear a positive story, It gives us all hope. Well done to you.


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