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Hi everyone, I have been suffering with tinnitus for about a year and for the past two months I have been meditating l every day and I can honestly say that this has really helped so much. Keeping in tune with my body and mind and the addition of yoga has somehow really helped me. I hope that this information inspire some T sufferers to gain some control again.

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  • Hi chavaune,

    Good to hear you've found a way to manage your tinnitus, its good to know what helps people and gives inspiratation to us all.

    Lesley x

  • Thanks for the nice reply. I will carry on with my journey and hopefully overcome the T permanently. I find that a lot of the time the T is worse with high levels of anxiety. I am not one for pharmaceuticals so I will use my inner strength and will power to help me.

  • Always nice to read positive posts Chavaune, which are a godsend for newbies. I have had it for over two years and at the onset I really needed to hear good news. Love Angela xx

  • We gota hang in there. People are remarkable and with enough will power we can overcome anything! One of my best friends recovered after 4 years of perseverance after a horrific car accident which left 4 people dead and my friend with brain injuries and multiple broken bones! And if she could do it there is nothing stopping us! I won't give up and I will enjoy my days on this earth with or without the T

  • I might try some Yoga & Meditation for my tinnitus

  • Good luck! If you follow through you will reep the rewards.

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