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Hi I'm new on here and am awaiting an appointment from aan ENT specialist with regards to drumming in my right ear. Lack of sleep is a severe problem for m at the moment leaving feeling low in mood and extremely anxious. I am trying to carry on my daily routine as best I can and relaxing through mindfullness. I feel so tired and only feel rested after an hours sleep in front of the tv. Is it ok for me to have nap? It's been suggested not to. I'm not sure what to do?

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  • HI K_atieroe

    Please read the post below as you might find it helpful. I have also written an article on tinnitus titled: Tinnitus, A Personal View. It covers causes, treatment and coping methods. However, it is too long to be posted in this forum. If you would like a copy in PDF format, please send me your email address by Private message. Please do not post it in the forum.

    Thank you


    New to tinnitus what to do?

    The onset of loud intrusive tinnitus can be very traumatic for most people. I use the words loud and intrusive, because tinnitus comes in many forms and intensities. When it is mild, moderate or occasionally heard in quiet surroundings it is usually not too bothersome and a person can go about their daily affairs quite happily and unperturbed by this anomaly. This type of tinnitus usually comes on gradually and in some cases it’s associated with hearing loss, as we get older and the usual treatment is the wearing of hearing aid/s.

    Tinnitus can be caused by other things: an underlining medical problem, build up of ear wax (cerumen). Jaw problems. Some medications and even irregular blood flow through the body causing Pulsatile tinnitus. However, the most common cause is exposure to loud noise or music that has been played at high levels causing some damage to the cochlear in the inner ear.

    This type of tinnitus can be loud, intrusive and very debilitating. Often leaving a person at a loss and not knowing which way to turn to escape the nightmare that has suddenly come upon them. Your Dr has probably told you, it’s tinnitus and nothing can be done, you’ll just have to learn to live with it. I remember those words as if it were yesterday resonating through my mind and thinking, live with this for the rest of my life, impossible. So I fully understand how difficult it can be for someone new to this condition to take this in and believe it to be factual.

    If you are having difficulty sleeping you might have been advised to try a night time sedation or an ant-depressant to help cope with the stress and anxiety that often accompanies tinnitus. These medications can be helpful especially in the early stages and they don’t have to be taken long term, so it’s something to consider. They can act as a safety net so you don’t become too down.

    A referral to ENT will usually be recommended. In the mean time try to keep occupied with something you like doing, as it helps to distract the brain from focusing on the tinnitus. Avoiding quiet rooms during the day by playing low-level non-intrusive music such as classical in the background can be helpful.

    At night a sound machine placed by the bedside playing nature sounds or listening to favorite mp3 tracks or Cds are good. Keeping the volume just below the tinnitus is ideal and set to play throughout the night until morning.

    It takes time to get used to sound therapy so please stay with it. Whilst in a deep sleep it supplies the brain and auditory system with sound enrichment. Over time the tinnitus is pushed further into the background helping to make its perception less noticeable during waking hours.

    In the early stages of tinnitus, if one chooses not to use sound enrichment sleeping can sometimes be difficult and there’s also the chance of the tinnitus becoming more intrusive as sleeping in a quiet room can allow the brain to increase it’s own background activity. In doing so it will also increase the tinnitus making it more intrusive during waking hours.

    There is a tendency for newbies to try and cure their tinnitus which is quite understandable. There are many remedies, treatments and concoctions out there. Some affordable others quite expensive.

    I am not adverse to trying to help myself but want to say, there are charlatans and con artists eager to relieve someone in distress of their money so please be careful. Even tried and tested treatments I wouldn’t recommend a person try until they have been seen at ENT. Often a person after been seen at ENT is advised to wait a while.

    The reason being. Many people habituate to tinnitus within six months sometimes a little longer and it has been known to go away. The ear is a very delicate organ and many Drs prefer to wait before investigating further and then suggesting a treatment. If other problems are experienced such as: pain in the ears, deafness, dizziness or balance problems this is of more concern and a person will usually been seen quicker.

    It is best to have a word with your GP if you’re feeling stressed or depressed in any way, as previously mentioned there are treatments available. Leaving things alone until ENT advise you of the next step is the best thing to do in my opinion.

    Don’t try to fix anything or throw large sums of money at treatments that you have no way of knowing whether you’ll get any relief.

    I don’t advise listening to audio through headphones even at low volume and keep away from loud sounds. By all means go out but anywhere that plays loud music then wear noise reducing earplugs. Take things slowly and one day at a time.

    Many people eventually habituate to their tinnitus and go on to lead a happy and fulfilling life even though it may take a little time.


  • hi...I am a tinnitus sufferer for a few years....ive been told its age related..ive had a hearing test recently and was told I need a hearing aid...waiting for a re feral......this is were I'm at.......went for annual medical the doctor said he could prescribe drugs to lessen the noise but I wouldn't be able to drive for a living...I picked up a leaflet abo0ut sound generators { maskers}...widely available ..so I'm going to try this hearing aid....even if I have to pay for it....

    regards graham...

  • Hi michaelee.

    Thank you so much for your reply. It's extremely difficult for me at the moment as you can imagine. I'm not sure how to send you a private message as I'm new on here.

    Would you kindly tell me where I can personally message you so I can access your PDF info leaflet?

    Thank you


  • Hi Kate,

    I will send you a private message and please follow the instructions on your screen to reply to me. My article is quite long approximately 13000 words so please take your time reading it. It is for this reason I strongly advise you to print it instead of reading on a screen.


  • Thank you so much Michael. Any help and support at the moment is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi k_atieroe, I can thoroughly recommend michaelee's helpful information and you will find great support and advice on this forum too. We are all in it together and will help each other, love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • Hi k_atieroe,

    I agree with the helpful advice from both Michael and Angela. I struggle with sleep too so just thought I would mention that I find the Sound Oasis Machine from the British Tinnitus Association very helpful which I think Michael recommended initially. Even during periods of wakefulness the machine plays relaxing sounds and this can be soothing at a time when you dont want anxiety to rise over not sleeping . I hope you find some relief.

    Best Wishes

  • Thank you, I'm awaiting an appt with ENT specialist and may invest in one sooner rather than later.



  • Hi, and welcome to the world of mental torture, I also am relatively new to this torture, I was diagnosed in May this year, 100% deaf in left and lost 20% in right. High pitched tone in left side and loud hissing on right. I found this site and it's been a life saver.

    No matter what's on your mind, no matter how you feel, express yourself on this forum. I was very anxious and not getting sleep, I was at war with the world and looking for a quick fix. It ain't gonna happen!

    The advice on this site led me to seeing my GP, I was given Amitriptyline to help me sleep and boy do I sleep now. I invested in a sound machine that plays various white noises, it's especially helpful when I go to bed. I play air conditioning and somehow I've trained my brain to close down when this is on. Again. fellow sufferers advice was spot on for me. The best advice of all....don't google fixes for Tinnitus.

    You will feel like no one understands because T isn't visible. Post your anxiety's on here, people on here understand and can help.

    I see my audio-wotsit again in a few months to look at Hearing Aids, No chance of me having one of these strapped to my ear I thought, then the help and information provided has now made me have an open mind....when I say open mind, it's a noisy open mind!

    Don't let it get you down.

    All the best


  • Thank you for your kind advice x

  • Hi

    You want a nap, what's wrong with that, god you deserve it I'm sure, please have some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Gary x zzzzzzzzzz

  • Thank you Gary x

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