Journey- "Don't stop believing". Just played on the radio

Folks, I am typing away at work with my ear phones in. This is the only way I can stand the office noise.

"Don't stop believing" just lifted my mood. I listen to Magic mellow Fm. Great for us over 50s with T. I can hum along and know a lot of the tunes.

We all have to keep believing that some day we will have peace and quiet. Doing more "living" than "Surviving".

Good luck to all,


Ps " I got my mind set on you" now playing. How apt!!!!!

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  • Yes Ade, we have to hope for the day when no-one suffers. I do fret about the younger folk - the constant use of earbuds and the too-loud ambient noise in shops, modern eateries etc is bound to cause more to get T. I took my young nephew and son to Nando's last weekend. I had to take off my hearing aid! Fortunately it didn't affect my T and it was nice not to hear it when I was on Nando's! Love, Angela xx

  • Can't go wrong with Nando's. A favorite of mine.


  • Great song.

    My hubby loved Journey and got most of the songs on record's think they are in the loft but has them on his phone now.

    Love glynis

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