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Hi folks. I hope it's ok to let you know about this online tinnitus management programme , because it has been done for/ with NHRBU - hearing research , based in Nottingham. I know from experience that the lady who has done it very knowledgeable , skilled , experienced and knows from experience what it is like to have tinnitus . I am sorry I don't give much back to you all , hoping this will redress some of the balance .

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  • Will give it a go and let you know how I get on.



  • Thanks so much for sharing, will start it today. Did it help you?

  • Hi . Sorry for delay - haven't got internet at home ( need to save up after moving) I haven't done this as an eprogramme but did work with Debbie via Skype about 3 years ago having had the horrendous NHS experience. The materials and approach look the same. I have registered because I am struggling and I need some structure motivation , targets and confidence that someone knows what's they are doing.I appreciate it won't be for everyone , just as medication isn't but for me , and again only speaking for me , it gives me some tools . Debbie is very knowledgeable and experienced ( and I am not on commission - joke this is free and all above board / via NHRBU ) . best wishes .Lindsay

  • Thanks Lindsay for posting the link, and yes, if anyone is in doubt, it's all legit - and the basics are completely free - you can buy work books if you like, but they are optional.

    I'd be interested in feedback on this - I was one of the small group who worked on a tiny part of the project, we've been following progress with interest.

    We (as the BTA) also have a tinnitus e-learning programme, which is slightly different but of course has the same aims, so if you find one is not for you, the other might be - ours is

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