Any football fans?

Do we have any followers of the beautiful game on here? I seem to recall someone mentioning going to watch Forest? If there any fellow devotees, I wondered how you accommodate / allow for the T when you go to games? I've been wearing earplugs at games recently to reduce the crowd noise, but it makes it a pretty joyless experience to be effectively cut off from the conversation and discussion with my friends whilst the game is ongoing.

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  • Hi. I am the long suffering ( but wouldn't be without it ) Forest fan. I wear ear plugs from BTA - they cut out most of the harshness of the noise and I can just about hear my mates sat next to me. I have been torn about going - being told by tinnitus people not to let the tinnitus stop me doing anything but the tension as well as the crowd noise is probably not a good idea. That said I haven't been for several weeks now and have a much more happy life rhan for years but each day my tinnitus gets worse 😢.MRI scan was worst. It's up to you but if you take care and you can still go even if it's not as great an experience then it's still an activity. I visit my friend in the disabled sectoon - there is a guy there with severe cerebral palsy and I am sure he gets what he can , still comes even though for him he can jump up wildly like most of us can 😊

  • Hi Ruud1boy,

    I'm a T and Wolves sufferer, It's that quiet at the Wolves I play white noise in my earphones, only on low so if there is any action of note, I can still hear the excitement.

  • Thank you - this made me smile amongst the tinnitus pain induced tears today. Forest and Wolves have had their battles over the years and both seen better days 😁

  • Im having a good T day today but i feel for you, when T gives you a bad day it really does make you want to cry.

    I'm that old I remember forest v wolves in the league cup final. Great days for forest then.

    I hope you get some sleep and your T is better tomorrow.

  • I was there and still remember the own goal 😢Thanks for your kind words - I get so frustrated I am sure it's the worst thing to do .

  • Incase you think I couldn't have been there because Gray scored, I still blame David Needham for colliding with Shilton ( I need a life 😂)

  • I'll be going next season, there's no debate there - I'm Huddersfield and after years of toiling away in the lower leagues, I'm not going to miss watching us in the top flight (still can't quite believe that BTW), the question is how I manage the T. I've reluctantly accepted that I'm not going to go to many away games - they're generally noisier than home games anyway, because you're in with folk who really want to be there, and our lot will be going crackers away next year.

    I've been wearing the Alpine musicians earplugs at games, but I've started wearing HA's now to keep the T in check, so I'm presuming it's HA's out & earplugs in for games? I'm worried this is going to cause the T to kick up tho'. As you've said, they reckon that you shouldn't stop doing things that you enjoy because of the T, just take sensible precautions when you're doing it - easier said than done though. Going to the footy usually involves drinking, loud noise & stress - a perfect storm encapsulating everything that makes my T worse.

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