A week to go before seeing my hero's

This time next week I will be one night away from going to see one of my favourite bands ever. Guns n roses at the london stadium. I will be taking my ear plugs and make sure we're not standing right in front of a speaker and hopefully all will be well.

A bit apprehensive in light of what happened in london and manchester but figure that, not to go would be letting them win so intend to enjoy myself.

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  • Have a good old headbanging time, stay safe


  • This is great! You should be in for a fantastic night. Enjoy yourself, don't let those evil losers put you off!

  • Have a great time. I went to see Derek Trucks a couple of years ago at the RAH, my favourite band. It was terrific.

  • Hi Lesley, Guns n Roses is the music headbanging sort that my much younger sister loves and adores! Many of my family are going to big music gigs this summer - as you say, we can't let those scumbags win. Take care, love, Angela xx

  • Have fun! Sounds fab, I'm a bit of a rock chick myself I'm sure they'll be amazing -Bev x

  • You're braver than me. I'd be terrified of going to a rock concert these days, earplugs or not - they're what got me into this mess in the first place.

    I read Slash's autobiog recently, it was very impressive. He came across as a very intelligent & insightful character - not really what I was expecting at all. Axl sounds like a tool tho.....

  • You are very brave but also right. I hope you have an amazing time and keep safe. We are seeing Pet Shop Boys and I'm scared about my ears and terrified by the terrorists. I lived in London during the 80s when the IRA were bombing the city - so I get quite freaked by the current situation. Luverly Lucie x

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