Temporary spike or permanent change?

I'd been doing a bit better over the last few weeks and had a couple of days where the T was fading into the background, but now it's back with a vengeance. I made the ludicrously stupid error when going to the football at Wembley - c.80k crowd, so v loud - of, although I had my earplugs with me, I was putting them in and taking them out throughout the match, so there were times when my ears were unprotected. Stupid boy.

I'm trying to convince myself that I haven’t done further irreparable damage at the footy – it can’t have been dangerously loud, otherwise everyone would come out with damaged hearing, right? However I’m panicking now that this isn’t just a temporary spike in my T but a permanent increase to its volume. Any thoughts folks?

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  • Hi Ruud1boy.

    Spikes come and go all the time and when you get one it's natural to think that there must be a cause so you think back to what you did that must have caused it. Then you start beating yourself up over it and just get stressed and anxious which doesn't help. I'm convinced that in most cases there is no direct cause for spikes - they just seem to come and go for no apparent reason. Obviously you want to avoid exposing yourself to loud noises and it sounds like for the most part you were sensible and had your earplugs in at Wembley. Personally I doubt that this is the cause of your spike even though you took your earplugs out at times. Even if it was the cause, I would still expect your spike to pass and for things to return to normal fairly soon.


  • Spikes come and go. Getting anxious about one will probably prolong it...

    Like hearing aids, earplugs only work if you use them - so do try to leave them in, and then you can be confident that they are working (yes, at first, I used to put mine in and out to check!) and also, be confident that you aren't missing conversation and so on.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Nic - not sure what you mean about not missing conversation? When I've got the earplugs in, it does effectively preclude any conversation as I can't hear what people are saying to me. It makes going to the footy with friends and my boy a pretty joyless experience as I'm sat there in splendid isolation - that's what prompted me to be 'in & out' at Wembley, as I didn't want to miss out on the shared experience.

  • What type of earplugs are you using? I have musician's ear plugs and I find that I can hear conversation with them - so I get the social aspect of an event - but avoid the damaging stuff.

  • I've got the Alpine music plugs I bought from you guys, with the 15dB filter in. I can hear people's voices, but it's very muffled and difficult to discern what they're saying. I can just about do it if I really concentrate and strain to hear them, but it doesn't make for a natural conversation at all. Also, I don't want to be straining to hear if I can help it, as I understand that can exacerbate the T over time?

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