Reactive Tinnitus - just started after regular T for 3 years

Hi - I have had regular 'one tone' tinnitus in my right ear for 3 years and gradually learned to deal with it by using a fan at night to sleep etc. Recently a new tone was added which is amplified by outside noise so the fan which blocks the first tone now accentuates the second one. Also if I play a test tone or whistle the new tone sounds to it so its like feedback. From what I've read online this could be Hyperacusis but just wondered if anyone else had any hints or tips on what if anything to do next. I literally woke up one morning with it so it wasn't caused by any exposure to loud noises. The original tone I had just about found my peace with but this one adding to every sound that goes in it (including TV/Shower etc) is really concerning - any help much appreciated - thank you..

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  • Hi there. It's not uncommon to have several tones in your tinnitus. It probably isn't hyperacusis as such, as that's a sensitivity to particular sounds, not an increase in tinnitus, but you might want to go back to audiology or hearing therapy to discuss strategies for coping with this change.

    Best wishes

    Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

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