Hearing impairment - but no HA's?

I have a high frequency hearing impairment, but I'm not keen on wearing hearing aids if I'm honest. It would appear that I'm on the borderline as to whether this would be beneficial for my T - a couple of audiologists have suggested it would be worth trying the HA's whilst other audiologists I've spoken to have suggested they don't think there'd be much to be gained in me wearing HA's yet. I don't feel as though I'm struggling with my hearing, but obviously the T is an ongoing problem.

Is anyone else in a similar situation? That is, tinnitus combined with an aidable hearing impairment, but they've chosen not to wear HA's?

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  • I have high frequency hearing loss above 4K and wear hearing aids and can't imagine how anyone can live with tinnitus without hearing aids. They are a big help to me. Properly programed they help by filling in the missing high frequencies and that helps cover the tinnitus. In addition they should also offer a masking feature where you can play some type of white noise, mine have two levels of white noise but I usually only use the lower volume and it's also a huge help. I wear Phonak brand and with bluetooth I have the ability to stream any sound from my iPhone directly to my hearing aids, music, water falls, nature, whatever. See if you can get a pair for demo, some places allow an evaluation period to see if you like them.

  • Hi, like you I didn't want to use hearing aids in the early days. My ENT specialist didn't even suggest it as my hearing loss wasn't that bad at the time. Since then, however, I have learnt to use mine to mask the T and to pick up the high frequencies I miss. Mine is a constant F# and I cannot hear conversations in a noisy room as it's just lost in my T. Additionally as I can now hear at that frequency the T is masked altogether. Some days I can actually forget I have T- which is an absolute life saver.

    Any audiologist worth his salt would give you a free trial. They get samples off the hearing aid companies all the time.

    I wouldn't be without mine!

    Jane x

  • Hi Ruud, hope things are improving for you? I have high frequency hearing loss (slight) in my right ear. I had never had any knowledge of that slight hearing loss until my hearing was checked because of the T. I was given a hearing aid within 3 months of getting T. Initially, my T moved from my right ear to the left ear ! I was then given a masker for the left ear and thankfully over time the T has quietened (most days). I do know that my hearing aid does help and wear it all my waking hours, every day. I have had T since January 2015. Angela xx

  • Hi there.

    Have you read our information sheet on hearing aids? This might help you with your decision: tinnitus.org.uk/hearing-aid...

    If you have any questions, happy to help, or give our helpline a call on 0800 018 0527

    Best wishes

    Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

  • Howdy all,

    After a horrific day w/ the T on Friday, when I was almost at breaking point, I've admitted defeat and started wearing the HA's I was given a while ago. It was my birthday on Saturday and I have to say I'm glad I did it - my infernal noise is still there, but the aids certainly seem to have taken the edge off it. Fingers crossed that they help me to tune it out over time.

    Next worry is work - in a call centre, with a headset on. Just waiting for my first call

  • Howdy all,

    So I'm ticking on with my new HA's, day 12 now. Got used to wearing them pretty quickly, barely notice them in isolation but still a bit uncomfortable when I'm wearing my seeing aids as well. Managing OK on the phones at work, so not too concerned there.

    But.....after an brief period of untrammelled joy with barely any T, it seems to be creeping back in over the last few days, even with the little fellas in. To start with I could barely hear it, then it was there but not as noticeable, then it got a bit louder but still manageable and now it's getting back to being problematic. I'm not monitoring / listening out for it, it's just there.

    Can anyone share their experiences of starting wearing HA's and what impact it had on their T in the first few weeks / months etc? Getting worried now that I'll end up back where I was.

  • Sorry to try and bump this thread, but can anyone offer their thoughts on the initial stages of wearing HA's to try & mitigate their T? I've been wearing the aids for a month now and the T just seems to be getting louder day by day, heading back towards where I was previously. I'm almost back at the point of being unable to carry on and I'm scared.

  • When I first got my aids I didn`t wear them for a few months because they made my tinnitus sound louder. Then one day I was looking through the book that came with them and realised that I could reduce the volume. So I thought I`d give that a try and from that day I have never looked back. Now I wouldn`t be without them.

    Hope you too manage to find a solution to your problem.

    Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Ruud, initially my T was made worse. And, when I went out to a supermarket for instance (trying to live a normal life again!) the hearing aids picked up so much noise that it was painful. I used to have to take them out.

    I went back to audiology and my aids were toned down. From then onwards my T began to be tamed. Sorry you are so down at the moment- I never thought I would ever be able to live with T - but it will get better for you. Perhaps your aids need retuning as mine did. I was a real nuisance for my local NHS audiology department! Angela xx ps my T is bothersome at the moment but I know it will calm down again.

  • I'm going back to see the local NHS T 'expert' today to see about getting my little fellas adjusted - hopefully it will be more productive than my previous meetings with the guy.

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