I'm geraldine

Hi, good evening all.. i have tinnitus more than 6 years ago in my left ear, time goes by it become more louder and i heard it now in my right ear also.. i went to the ENT and the doctor found out that i have otosclerosis which is the cause of tinnitus.. i have to under go for a surgery.. last may 2016 i had my otosclesosis surgey but nothing gonna happend. So the doctor advise for revesion and i had been done my surgery last day.. i thought after the surgery tinnitus will gone. But still remain

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  • Hi Geraldine I too have otosclerosis, just in my left ear, tinnitus in that ear too. I've been offered the op (stapedectomy?) but an trying out hearing aids first, which are great.

    I'm sorry the op hasn't helped you. Did it help your hearing at all the 1st time? Bev x

  • Caused they advice me to have a sugery than to wear a hearing aid...

    What did u do in ur tinnitus??

  • I was offered the op but told it ran a risk of either not working, making the tinnitus worse or possibly making that ear completely 'dead' so not even a hearing aid would help. I feel like he was trying to talk me out of it to be honest.

    I love my hearing aids they do help a lot with the tinnitus as well as my hearing. Sounds like it's early days for you with the 2nd op, give it time-Bev x

  • They didn't advice me to used earing aids cause as they said im still young to used it.

    And my doctor said after 6months maybe i have to under go another surgery for my right ears.

  • But i'd try to used hearing aids if i will go back home someday.

  • It's funny how different people tell you different things. Are you being treated under NHS? I'm young too for hearing aids, only 38. Maybe my diagnosis is a bit different to yours? I do have a moderate permanent hearing loss in both ears too, maybe they don't think I'd get enough benefit from the op?

    Just curious-where's home? 😊 -Bev x

  • Me 27 now, i'd suffer the T at the age of 17.

    Actually i'm here in 😊kuwait now. Am having my op here while working as well. Im from philippines. I'd just found this grp through searching about T and just clicking the site😊 tried to joined here.. i was so thankful that they'd accept me here

  • Oh wow very well travelled 😊 you've had T for a long time too. This is a lovely group you'll be made welcome here. Hope things improve for you soon-Bev x

  • Yes.. i can't believe that i am here and working wid T. Thank u mrshanson😍

  • Hello Geraldine. It can take a while for tinnitus to settle after surgery, as obviously the stress and anxiety surrounding any operation can play a part. You might like to check out a couple of BTA resources - firstly our information sheet on otosclerosis at tinnitus.org.uk/otosclerosis and secondly, our tinnitus management e-programme, which is free and available at takeontinnitus.co.uk

    Best wishes

    Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

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