Dear all

I have just had to remove a post and ban someone from the forum who only joined to plug a so-called "remedy".

There is zero tolerance for people like this on the forum. If you suspect a poster's motives then do use the "report abuse" function or send me a message and I will deal with it. This happened in this case, and I'm grateful for the help forum members provide in keeping this space helpful and worthwhile.

Thanks a lot!

Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

2 Replies

  • Thank you. Whilst it's great to gave a forum to sHare feelings and inspirational stories, as well as crying in emphatic company, its so much more comfortable knowing there is a benevolent but unintuitive over se- eer

  • Thanks Lindsay for your kind words. Fortunately, my benevolent but firm side doesn't have to come out very often!

    Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

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