Nightmare - but not asleep!

Nightmare - but not asleep!

Hi folks. Usually only go on forum dusing the day , but am at my wits end . Can't sleep or even rest because of the sheer ferocity of the piercing shrill. Accompanying my 82 year old father on a coach trip for oldies to Dublin - got to be up at 3 am and sit on a coach for a whole day . Just want to cry or run somewhere - but there is nowhere. Sorry , but each time I think its reached its peak , it hasn't 😠

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  • Oh dear Lindsay, not nice to read that you're still suffering. Perhaps you "do too much" and your body and mind can't relax? I know we're meant to distract our brains from T but we have to avoid stress. I know that my T gets bothersome if I am in the least agitated about anything. Have you tried the herbal meds St. John's wort or valerian? Or - michaelee has recommended prescribed pills in a post he wrote to drumcraw? Hope that you got some sleep and have a pleasant time in Dublin. Love, Angela xx

  • Anxiety over the Dublin trip is not helping you .... but hopefully you will find the distraction of different company, sights and sounds will be a welcome diversion.

    Hang in there....every best wish.

  • Hi Lindsay, I am just over a week into this torture and fighting to deal with the T, the emotions are all over the place. I am going on a cruise with my wife in August as a special treat for us and now I have this T which has got be down big time.

    However, I found this forum and already have learned that what I am currently going through is the same as many people do. I was very upset, angry, tired and going out of my mind but I am now coming to terms with dealing with the process to manage the T.

    I have now stopped googling and looking for a quick fix. the forum people on hear have probably tried what your thinking of doing and can inform you from their experiences.

    I am now on the first steps to manage this horrid T which is to tell my brain I am going to try and carry on as normal and focus on things other than a high pitched tone. I am also stating to use T APPS to help me at night as for the past week I have just cat napped.

    Good luck, don't give up and perhaps we can both put this T in the attic of our brain

  • Hi all. Thank you so very much , it took a lot for me to post as it meant I was struggling and I hate that feeling. Sorry for the reply - I have just worked how to do the WiFi in the hotel on my phone. I didn't sleep that night , had a 14 hour journey on coach , ferry ( I loved the ferocity and freshness of the wind and waves as we crossed the Irish Sea ) and coach journey. My first holiday in 30 years , so guess it is a bit strange. Not wanting to let my father down. Home Builders Survey showing up lots of things so it looks like I still won't have a settled home. So no wonder the tinnitus is raging . BUT I have managed to get through , no managed to enjoy the day in Dublin today ( even if the very visible homeless guys upset me ) . It has pleased my father too. Yes , I am tired having to ' bat away ' the noise, am too tired to rationalise it but it's been nice in a way . I have had a few moments of , if my tinnitus were not so bad I could really enjoy it and particularly ' The next holiday I have , I will be better ' but maybe just having a break from everything for a few days is ok. I must be more committed to myself , just not good at that and hope people do not think I am dismissive of their suggestions and care. Bloomin' hec I hear you sigh - just nice to communicate with fellow people on equal level. PSo. Despite the rambling nature of this text , I can assure you I have not been on the Guinness!

  • Hi Lindsay, please enjoy your break as much as you can. I love ferries too, esp now I have the T as it is all so calming. Your life seems to be full of stress pinpoints. I know for a fact that unless I have calm ordered surroundings my brain seems to have a fizzy electrical feeling. When calm, I don't hear the T.

    Try to make time for yourself, look into herbal, natural remedies and nature sounds.

    I am retired from work so I have the benefit of being able to order my life as I want most of the time - so it is easy for me to offer such advice I know. But, put yourself first for a change and you may get some peace. I do find that I am tired most of the time since getting T as it seems to take energy to keep it quiet. All very odd, but that is the nature of this truly horrible condition that only sufferers can understand.

    Hope you do have a Guinness or two whilst in Dublin. Lovely with a cheese ploughmans! Love. Angela xx

  • Hi Angela . Thanks , for your understanding and time to write. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine . You are spot on , I have had a stressfilled life since a child and / but knowing this ironically keeps me going - in that if I can make the changes , there is every chance things can improve with my tinnitus. I loved the Irish country side , did had some guiness in Dublin and it was nice not to access wifi for solicitors emails! It was extreemely tiring though , as i was was constantly ' on alert' mode to make sure my Dad was ok , to sit on a coach for long periods of time ; the bus driver was full of unpleasant comments about lots of things ( politics, religion , women ) and made one of the 82 year old passengers cry and upset most of the others . Since I came back I have seen a friend in a tricky marriage , been into town with my Mum to help her try on clothes ( strange to see armed police ) and am soon to view another property and go to an event at the capmapaign office of our constituency MP . I am pleased I am busy , but also know its because I can't settle with the tinnitus. If I had one wish , it would be to sit for 10 minutes , with a nice drink , in a garden and for it not to be hard work. Big changes are needed , and I must start making the samll steps - though it's not easy . I sometimes think I need to do it all / 'dramatically' - and at Dublin Port on Friday , smelling the sea I texted a few friends to say I was moving to the sea side - I can actually spend hours by it. Now I wonder if ENT would fund a new life for me back in my maternal family's Aberdeenshire ? That's a thought ! Thanks again xx

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