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New member - tinnitus & vascular loop help?

Hi Folks, I have never posted on a Forum before but was hoping someone was able to share similar experience. I've had constant right sided high pitched tinnitus for 13 months now with ear fullness, r/s moderate high frequency sensorineural hearing loss , balance issues & r/s facial pain. Had Mri IAM in Dec 16 (without contrast) to check for acoustic neuroma. Thankfully no AN, but it showed an "ectatic artery traversed more than 50% along the right internal auditory canal". ENT has referred me to neurosurgeon to query if this could be causing my tinnitus but says the artery has nothing to do with the other symptoms(still waiting on Neuro appoint). I have been trying to research vascular loops and have found articles which match all my symptoms. Has anyone have any knowledge they could share?

GP thought face pain could be trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed a low dose 10mg amytriptiline but ENT consultant said my symptoms are complex and don't fit any specific diagnosis such as TN or meneires so she has prescribed blood pressure pills for atypical migraines to try for 2 months instead.(waiting for prescription)

Not sure what causing balance problems as Caloric testing showed a 41% vestibular weakness,but in my left ear, which I think is related to acute labrynthitis approx. 10 years ago

I was given a masking hearing aid for tinnitus with sounds of the sea, but I don't find it helps at all. My mood has become quite low as I feel frustrated by lack of help/diagnosis. I have become very sensitive to noise and struggle at work in a busy office. I have constant dull r/s facial pain but every few weeks I have been off work as the pressure builds in my ear and the pain becomes acute for about 48 hrs, hence the ENT suggested migraines. I have been signed off work for a week because I was feeling overwhelmed with everything, but dreading going back to work as nothing has changed.

I hate feeling like I am moaning about my situation, as I know I am very fortunate that my condition does not appear to be too serious, but just struggling to cope at the moment.

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. xx

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HI Ali,

Welcome to the forum. I wish I were able to offer you some advice but as your GP says, your symptoms are quite complex. On another forum that I visit I have corresponded with someone with symptoms very similar to yours, so I have an idea of what you're going through. Perhaps someone here will be able to offer some help. I suggest continue using the sound enrichment and the masking device (white noise generator) but try to keep the volume slightly lower than the tinnitus.

I hope when you see your Neurosurgeon you'll be able to get the help that you need.

All the best



thank you for responding. Can I ask what other forums you have corresponded with?




1. Tinnitus Talk is a large International forum and you will find a lot of information there about tinnitus, hyperacusis and many other things. ENT doctors are there too. Just Google it to get the website address.

2. Action on hearing loss, is also a very informative site. Having two forums. One on hearing the other on tinnitus.

3. Tinnitus message board.

4. Hypearacusis website/forum.

Just Google the names to get the website address. I advise you to check out Tinnitus Talk first.



Will do. Thanks Michael

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