Devon "T"

I am T sufferer after years in print and being around presses, compressors etc .. all finally causing me to suffer varying a "white noise" T, hyperaccusis and pretty reactive to everyday sounds such as cutlery on plates, kettles boiling, barking dogs etc.. I live with it mostly but some days it nears "wincing" level and intolerability. Hearing test shows some loss of hearing at both ends but not yet bad enough for h-aids. Exasperated by road noise in car too - just traded car in for newer which is even worse for noise deadening ..its bliss when we hit new quieter tarmac! - anyone have comments on best (affordable) newish car which muffles out road and wind noise??

Coping most of the time but odd days I struggle to keep smiling!!

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  • All I'd say is never, ever get a car with low profile tyres. It's horrendous!! Get the fattest fullest tyres you can, they muffle road noise.

  • yes too many people are getting T due to loud noise

  • thanks - that seems to be the consensus about the low profile tyres now reading up on the web..just changed cars to a petrol which doesn't help either with noises that aggravate my T..

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