Hi guys, does anyone ask you how you are doing with your T like family or friends Well, I have to say no one asks me or cares. So be it.My husband is a good man but I guess not empathetic and my son does not want to know about it. So all my T friends how are you all doing. Feeling so lonely and yet this is life. Did you guys read the book THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F!!!!!UCK How are you all doing

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  • I moan so much about it that people are fed up hearing me!! I know they care, it's in my face when I'm really bad with tinnitus and balance issues. But I think I must stop expecting their comments and sympathy, I have this, it's my cross to bear and I have to get on with it. Hate it!!

  • Its a difficult one T, i think its one of those i dont get it from people moments, unless you have it people dont understand, and why should they it tried explaining it but people just look at you like your a lemon on an orange tree and then they soon forget, i guess in reality you just got to get on with it as best you can - thats my take and its easy to say do i get sad with it yep remember the free days of running around only last year full of energy yep, the daily fkcing struggle to move from you tube track to you tube track, and your right who does listen - what its taught me is to jsut get on with it period thats it nothing more or less but i tell u this the fun has gone out of my life but somewhere the sun is till shining i hope.

  • Hi retired66 and sorry you're feeling down. I have had it for 2+ years and at the beginning I just wanted to die. My family were very supportive. Now my T has calmed down - most of the time. I prefer for family NOT to talk about it. I think it would wear them down too. However, I am so thankful for this forum where we can all support each other. All we can do is try to get a good night's sleep and then distract ourselves during our waking hours, whether by concentrating on a good book, crosswords etc, or by gardening or walking in the fresh air. One day there will be meds to tame tinnitus - surely?! Love, Angela xx

  • One would hope so. 👍🏻

  • hi retired, my family are exactly the same but some of my friends ask as they are musicians and have T to a lesser degree than mine though but understand better. i think you have to have it to know it. the nhs should be training people with T to become advisors as %90 of the ones ive met dont have T take care craw.

  • Hi retired66, My husband occasionally asks me about my noise. He saw me through the worst and supported me. I`ve come a long way with mine and it`s not the issue it used to be so I think my family have forgotten I have tinnitus. They ask me occasionally.

    As some of the others commented - the only people who can really understand what you are going through are the ones who also have tinnitus.

    Is there a support group in your area. I go to a support group every Wednesday and when I first joined it felt so good to be with people who knew exactly how I felt. I hope seeing the improvement in me will help new members.

    Love Lynne xx

  • I would love a support group. Nothing's near me.

  • Likewise but thinking of starting one - going too see if the local paper will run a story and create some awareness, then i reckon find the pub however to be chosen for the venue it will need some indepth and thoroughtesting .. just to make sure the beers up to standard (medicinal of course ) ;-)

  • Where are you?

  • I am in Newbury in Sunny Berkshire, which in September will be changing as i am moving to Spain, but if you need any help Slipware then let me know i am pretty good at sorting stuff out so they tell me .. and it sounds like a group is just perfect for where your at .. i plan to start one in spain btw ..

  • Same here only found 1 but they just e mail you which i dont think is any good x

  • That`s a shame Slipware and Gail - have you thought about starting one - I would imagine you would get some advice from the BTA.

    I am lucky where I live - Stoke-on-Trent - I found the group that Glynis on here helps to run and it`s at a place called Deaflinks where they do lots of things for the deaf community. So the group have access to lots of information as well as support.

    Love Lynne xx

  • There is a link, but I may ask our audiology dept advice.

  • It's difficult for people who've never experienced T to understand what impact it can have on you. I wanted my wife & kids to know what I was hearing, as it has a massive impact on them as well as me when I'm having a bad time with it - I found examples on the following NHS website (mine's #8);


    I've found this very useful in demonstrating to friends, family, colleagues etc what I'm experiencing. They usually listen for about 5 seconds and then look at me in utter horror. My missus was talking about having a 'tinnitus sympathy day' where she listened to my T sound all day, but she soon changed her mind after hearing it!

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