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hi, I have had tinnitus now for 4 or 5 year s that I have noticed and I go a support group that help and advice you , I find it hard at time s to excepting it, I hear all kind s of thing s what people do to help with there s giving it a name well I would nt like to tell you what I call mine if I did , if get to much just get on bike push bike and ride or walk any time , all different sound s like all bird s tweeting at once and two noises side bye side , I just plod on and get out the house if it to much , it s life now but not what I wished for

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  • Hi John, Sounds like you need cheering up!!

    If you`re like me you`ll have missed going to the group last week. Don`t forget Jane Clark, Hearing Therapist is coming this week. And as well as the serious stuff I`m sure we`ll have some laughs as well. We usually do !!

    See you then. Love Lynne xx

  • cheer s ear s , I just say it as it is see you wed

  • Hi John,

    We had better be on our best behaviour this week at the group 😀

    Be nice chat with Jane and find a few things out for both forums and give her some BTA books to take back with her.

    See you soon ,

    Love glynis x

  • BTA books? Do they lend out books?

  • They have lots o leaflets and booklet's.

    I'm sure @Nic Wray can put a link up for you.

  • Our website is tinnitus.org.uk - you can find a list of all our information leaflets at tinnitus.org.uk/Pages/Categ... - you can either download them or give us a ring on 0800 018 0527 and we'll put them in the post. There is also a very useful book in our online shop - we don't loan it out, but it's pretty cheap! (Or ask your library to order it!)

  • It's not what any of us wish for ourselves, but you've got the right idea, I often just get outside.

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