earwax- any suggestions?

Hi everyone, I have tinnitus in my left ear which started after I did I home syringing for earwax build up and then a middle ear infection three months ago. Since then I have had my doctor syringe the same ear and I continue to suffer from wax build up in both ears. I used to spray shower water into my ears to help with this problems until I got an ear infection and stopped. Now I try not to ever get water into my ears and I use two drops of olive oil a week. However, I still feel like at any moment i'm going to go deaf in one ear because of wax build up! I am so frustrated with this problem and was wondering if anyone else has had excessive earwax issues and has found a way to overcome this? Thanks so much

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  • Try adding olive oil drops in twice a week.

    They could feel blocked if your tubes are full of mucous.

    Try steam inhalation.

    Love glynis

  • Hello

    One word snap this is exactly happened to me I had a build-up of wax in my left ear which I had syringed which cleared the wax but water droplets left in my ear canal caused an ear infection which I had treated the wax came back had the ear syringed again cleared the wax and the infection came back which got worse saw a Consultant who took a sample of the infection gave me the correct drops and it cleared this time the wax didn’t come back. He did tell me to have suction in the future which is cleaner and doesn’t leave droplets in the ear canal which I would recommend syringing can cause some problems for some people and I’m sure in my own mind syringing with the infection started my Tinnitus.


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