really bad day with T

as soon as i opened my eyes this morning i started to be concerned myT was so loud much louder than before and my body felt physically strange too . i was sweating and feeling sick and the Twas raging in my ears i stayed in bed listening to it i was starting to panic at the loudness of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and feeling ill too, i got out od bed and wlaked around but felt even worse after that so back to bed wondering what has caused this? i listened to jules holland on tv last night wasnt loud so cant have been that dont know why its so bad today as have done nothing out the ordinary have my hearing aids in but the audiologist reset the level of white noise and is far too quiet so i cant get any relief from this today yet! its terrible,each day is different and you cant know how its gonna be till you wake up( after sleeoing pills) youcant plan your life with this curse!!!!!!! ive seen trials in the states forT.M.S. thats TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION its used on soldiers with P.T.S.D. to relax the brain it also has applications for tinnitus but havent seen anything about it in this country,check it out online hope tpoday gets better 9im beside myself with this ¬!!!!!!!!! crawford.

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  • Really sorry to hear how bad yours is Drumcraw. Really hope it improves soon. Hang on in there DC. Mine was divine for about three days but it's been getting steadily louder over the last three days. I'm not sure if it's down to my music being a little louder in the car (less than half the volume of what it used to be), music in general or lack of sleep - owing to age andT! I can cope at work but I suffer if I'm on my own. Can't understand why this devastating condition getting more press and there isn't more research into a cure for it - after all 1 in 10 of us has it. LLx

  • thnaks lucie thats kind of you. i think that as some people arent bothered by it the ones that are seem to be sidelined??????? and docs are still struggling to find what REALLY causes it. until they do i dont think theres any chance of a many people just dont understand how bad it can be for some of us!!!!!!

  • Oh dear Crawford, sorry to hear you're ill. Perhaps you have caught a virus? T is susceptible to anything that weakens our immune system, or so it seems to me. I had a horrid virus at the beginning of this year which made my T worse. Now it has settled down- most days, but this week has been noticeable. Keep hydrated and have background music or noise at a volume just lower than T. Don't blast the T with loud sounds as it will make T louder. That's my opinion. Love and best wishes, Angela xx ps i can't ever have a snooze in bed, the T won't let me. Up as soon as I awake

  • thanks angela, sadly its no virus as i did feel abit better later today and i never blast it(sadly) with music(hardly listen to it now) i cant snoze at all never felt tired for 4 years now as soon as i wake,there it is!!!!!!!!!! i must try getting up as soon as i wake but its still there been there all day still raging!!!!!! at last bed tonight take apill and conk out!!!! take care crawford

  • Hi Drumcraw. It does sound like you may have caught a bug or something. Your T always seems worse if you are unwell. Unfortunately i think the worse thing you can do is lay in bed listening to your T. If i do that mine is screaming loud as well so i try to get up as soon as possible. If you really are too ill to get up then at least put the TV or radio on to provide some distraction. Hope you feel better soon.


  • thnaks john. it isnt abug ive got other issues as well . my back.stomach, feet maybe its all that and stress causing the probs? dont know how my hair hsnt started falling out! cheers craw

  • Ditto re stress affects - except I have found a few white hairs ( though that may be due to 41 years of watching Forest 😢😂)

  • Morning Crawford . Sending some early sun from Nottingham your way. Really sorry you had such a bad day , and 100 % understand . You could almost have been describing my day , except I got out for an hour . People just don't get the impact on the body , and mins and how hard it is to keep cheerful , keep doing ordinary things. I couldn't get to my football match and ended up having good a hard time with family when I finally let down the pretence of it all being ok. They don't believe there's nothing that can be done and that I have asked for help . I see millions is spent on tinnitus resesrch ( from the Nottm based Hearing Institute with lots of staff ) but wonder when somethong other than what we already know and experience will come to light , and pwrsonally think it c9ntrasts hugely with the people on the ground who are sipporti g us - mostly volunteers. hope you have a slightly better day , wish I could help more than to say I totally DO understand.I have to try and cheer everyone up again to make up for sharing how bad it is last night. ☺

  • thanks lindsay, sorry to hear your suffering like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! my family just arent interested i think its because i look ok and they dont see anything wrong that they dismiss it in fact when i mention my ears i get"weve heasrd it all before"??????????? whats that about? i had ameeting with a psychologist and was hoping to get some help with managing my T , but she didnt know much about it so that was awaste of time ,i told here she should read up on it as it causes so much pain mentally there seeme to be a definite lack of support for T sufferers in scotland,,thanks for your good wishes and hope yours gets better too. i saw online about T.M.S. TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION,its applied to soldiers suffering from P.T.S.D. in the states to relax the brain from stress and o0ther things and it also mentions tinnitus, i think its experimental at moment but WE LIVE IN HOPE! hope you make the next match ok takje care crawford

  • I've had therapy for over 20 years for a whole range of issues (anorexia in my 20s being one) and it's been brilliant. The T started when I had two sessions left. Whilst the therapy wasn't for T it has I believe given me an inner strength which helped me seek the support of this group and somehow to accept T as part of me and not to be afraid of it. Despite it being bad today (and this I know is all relative) I have coped pretty well and I am not afraid of T. Really hope this helps and that therapy works for you. Stay strong. All the best LLx

  • Hi drumcraw, so sorry to hear you are having a bad time. All I can say is we are all thinking sending you positive healing energy. Barb

  • I'm so sorry, but we do all go through these dreadful days. I've had a few good ones this week, but back to really loud, high tinnitus which causes headaches to day. Hope for tomorrow. I wouldn't take sleeping tablets.

  • Hi Drumcraw So sorry to hear you're have a day from hell by the sounds of it my heart goes out to you do you have a oasis sound unit ? when my tinnitus is bad i just stay near that and listen to it which has a calmimg affect I hope it eases off for you chin up tomorrow is another day take care . David

  • hi davy, no dont have an oasis sound unit but have similare at side of bed which is really no use at all never been able to slpeep without pills s8ince i got T 4 years ago NEVER feel tired or that i could have anap! i jusy try and handle the noise as best i can, my hearing aids have white noise on them so i put that on sometimes take care crawford

  • Hi Drumcraw do you have a iphone or smart phone ican reccomend sime realistic sounds you can get free you can use at night. David

  • hi davy, sorry dont have either of these, maybe ill think of getting one soon very expensive though now that i dont play much thanks to T my imcome drastically reduced! take care craw.

  • Hi you also get them on ipod guessing you have not got one glad your T is better. David

  • i know how your feeling most people with tinnitus know what your going through , it s some thing tinnitus sufferer s deal with day to day just got to try relax on your good day s

  • Hi there - I see you've had a lot of support so I'm just popping on to point you to our research reviews - they talk extensively about rTMS. There's lots of research activity on it, but not a lot in the way of positive results. You can find out more at

  • I'm just upset how I was accused of going british tinnitus support group bta , deaf link a support group for tinnitus sufferes ,I go to see my friend s you want kill your self at time s and to be called a place to see friend s is upsetting no wonder people suffer on there own ,

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