Has anyone had any success with Amitriptyline?

I've just been given a prescription from the docs for these meds - I went to him looking for help in calming me down when I'm having a bad T day and this was what he's suggested. Starting low (10mg), he says he's happy for me to go up to 4x that if needs be, to be taken as & when my bad days hit me - but having just spent no more than half an hour reading up on it, I'm not sure I want to take them! The never ending list of possible side effects sound terrifying. Having said that, they seem to be prescribed 'off label' for just about everything.

Has anyone taken them specifically to help with their T problems and if so, how did you get on?

(Thx to Lindsay6 for her earlier response)

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  • Hi Ruud1boy. I developed T about 7 weeks ago , I was prescribed Amitriptyline and started off on 10mg. I'm now on 50-75mg. I find they only help me relax enough to have a good nights sleep. I take them about an hour before bed and have white noise playing in the background. I'm hoping not be on them for too long but whilst they're giving me a good nights sleep I'm happy to take them 😃

  • Been on Amitriptyline for many many years for nerve end pain so i was use to them when i got T, I cant say they have helped with my T i take 4 x 50mg per day and have not helped, I have never had any side effects with them just a dry mouth all the time they do relax you so maybe they will help every 1 is different sure hope you get some relief from them x

  • I was on it 12 years for a back problem.

    When I came off it I started with depression as my brain was use to it and also insomnia.

    I started Nortryptaline and that is the cousin of Amitriptyline and really helped my tinnitus.

    Love glynis

  • I was given them for headaches, not tinnitus. M now not allowed them as I have atrial fibrillation and they can make arrhythmia worse. I liked them and if I could would take them again.

  • Been taking the Ami for a week or so now and it did seem to having a positive impact. I haven't had any 'bad' days & whilst the T has still been there at much the same level, it hasn't been causing as much distress. Not sure what's going on today however, my T seems to have kicked up to a higher level for some reason. Bah!!

  • It all takes time Ruud. Just when you think you're taming the T, wham back it comes. I have had it for 2+ years and it gets less bothersome week by week. I was on Mirtazapine for the first 12 months. I still continue with all the BTA advice on managing my T and it is working. Love, Angela xx

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