Well thats my appointment over and done with the guy knew nothing what so ever about T, he did a hearing test and said he had never know any ones hearing to drop so quick, he took an impression of my ear and said we will write to you when yr hearing aid is ready about 6 weeks, in the mean time go see yr gp you need referring back to ent asap, got appointment in 1 hr not that they will tell me anything feel let down. Hope every 1 is having a better day then me.

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  • Sorry your audiology appointment wasn't all you hoped, at least you're on the road to getting your hearing aids though, they'll help the T enormously.

    I don't think anyone really knows much about tinnitus, I've not come across an ent or audiologist who does anyway. I had to ask several times to get referred to a tinnitus counsellor but I've got an appointment next month. Make sure you ask for specific tinnitus help. The hearing aids WILL help a lot though-Bev x

  • Thanks Bev yes he did say they would help i did ask how he said i will hear more outside sound and not so much inside x I cant believe it takes 6 weeks been and seen my gp she has referred me back to ent, about 3 mths she said ent are going to love me going back yet again. Been to a T re educational thing gave me cds etc didnt help gotta say since he filled my ear with that gunk to get an impression of my ear my T has moved from my head into my ear hope it stays in my ear its better then in my head my brain seemed tired if you know what i mean x Hope yr having a good day Bev x

  • my earmould took 6 weeks, I have an open fit dome one in the other ear. So did you lose your hearing quite quickly then Gail? Do U think that's what caused your T? I remember you mentioning jaw problems too.

    I went from normal hearing to a severe hearing loss in one ear over a few days, then my T started.

  • 1 day i was ok the next ears felt muffled like some 1 padded with cotton wool, all in all about a week yes i have tmjd which can cause hearing loss and T waiting for my jaw to be washed out but could cause things to be worse we just cant win you think yr doing good them wham back to square 1 oh well. I had T before i had hearing loss. I cant understand why it takes 6 weeks to make an ear piece.

  • Yay Gail, I feel so disappointed for you, I guess they're all different up and down the country and we get what we're given! Shame you've got to wait 6 weeks, I got mine the same day but obviously they didn't have to take an impression. It's one of those that goes behind your ear and the tube goes directly into your ear. I've slowly got better at cleaning the tubing, trying to thread a needle springs to mind lol. Luckily I don't have a lot of ear wax so I don't have to clean it out as often as some. Hang tough you'll get there in the end. It's just the getting there is so bloody frustrating!

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Xene, yah he tried 1 of those that you have ,just pops into yr ear i couldnt hear a thing through it, He said it takes 6 weeks to make the plastic thing that goes in the ear. He seemed rather concerned that i had lost so much of my hearing seen gp she sent letter straight away to Ent said cant give me anything as she isn't sure what she is treating lol, One good thing since he filled my ear with the plaster stuff to make impression of ear my T has moved from head to ear not sure why but sooner have it in ear then head so fingers crossed it stays there x

  • Yay Gail, well at least that's giving your head a break. I know for many on here it's a game of swings and roundabouts with their different sounds and spikes. Chin up and best foot forward.


  • Thanks for reply its still in my ear and loud but can handle it in ear my head not so stressed yah best foot forward gotta plod onx

  • Hi Gail, sorry you felt disappointed after your appointment. My aids are like Xene's so I was given them within a week. What I do know is that the hearing aid makes the T much quieter. I hope the same happens for you. It is most unfortunate that many audiologists seem to have no understanding of the condition. The fact that the NHS is almost st breaking point doesn't help. Love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • I would have gladly paid for my hearing aid done quicker but he said it didn't apply to making a hearing aid so guess i will just have to wait, the 1 like you have i couldnt hear a thing, at least its still in my ear and not my head my brain feels more relaxed if you no what i mean.. Gp sent letter straight away to Ent there going to love me all the times i have been but could be up to 3 mths wait x

  • Hi Gail, Sorry you are having a rough time at the moment. I was lucky when I first saw an audiologist two and a half years ago. She too had tinnitus so she understood how I felt. Our audiology dept was excellent but unfortunately we have now lost the hearing aid service and patients transferred to Specsavers.

    Do you have a support group in your area - there you will be with others who know exactly how you feel - same with this forum - the only people who can understand how we feel are those with tinnitus.

    As some of the others have said your hearing aids will help and I hope you get an early appointment at ENT.

    Love Lynne xx

  • Thanks for you reply Lynn, Not sure if we have a support group or not will check it out, Yes the audiology man said they would help, Dont think i will get an early appointment with ENT the way our NHS is. Have you any idea what Ent will do because i have already had MRI scan and CT scan xx

  • Hi Gail, I`m just trying to remember. October 2014 I was referred by my GP to Audiology for a hearing test but in the meantime because I was so distressed because of the tinnitus I paid privately to see an ENT consultant at the Nuffield. He recommended an MRI scan because my hearing loss was mainly on the right side. That came back clear and he recommended hearing aids which I eventually got through the NHS in December. He also told me that my tinnitus was caused by the hearing loss and the fact that the carotid artery runs very close to the hearing nerve and that was why I was picking up the noise of my heart and circulation.

    Through Audiology I was referred for counselling and she recommended I have a doppler scan just to check the veins in my neck. Everything was ok there.

    Then I joined the BTA and through them I heard about our local support group which turned out to be the one that Glynis helps to run - so that was good. And then later I joined the forum. I also read lots of success stories and all these things helped me to get where I am today.

    So to answer your question - I never went to NHS ENT apart from a query about Eustachian Tube Dysfuntion which turned out to be mild.

    Glynis may be able to answer your question better than me. I know she`s had dealings with ENT.

    Anyway hope this helps. Love Lynne xx

  • Thanks for all the info my T is still in my ear and not my head sigh of relief, i know it sounds strange but i can cope better with it being in my ear and not my head x Thanks for all the help xx

  • Just had a look for a support group here but the only 1 i can find is called HUSH its a charity not sure if its ok or not but will keep looking x hope yr having a good weekend x

  • Hi Gail,

    Usually check your hearing loss and if it's from your middle ear etc.

    For some people who have a great loss in one ear could benefit from a hearing aid that transmits hearing from one ear to another .

    I'm not sure what aids Audiology will offer you but I'm sure will be lovely.

    Love glynis

  • Audiology did hearing test making me hearing aid as he said my hearing loss was bad and that i had to go to ent asap, i cant understand what the rush is got me rather worried as i have had all the scans done and they are all clear x Hope yr having a good weekend xx

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