I am listening to all your posts and I suddenly realized we are pretty well on anti-depressants for depression and anxiety. This beast causes so many repercussions.I continually give myself pep talks and I can not give up HOPE because I would want to end this vicious cycle of torture and that is what I call it TORTURE every single waking moment of my life. It is always there but it is so much better than it was but I know it is there ready to attack at any moment. Actually, I am feeling OK today but just introspective.. Not funny when your brain controls you and you cannot do anything. Kinda of surreal. Pissed off

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  • Hi, I'm feeling like this at the moment, like my own brain is my worst enemy. Wish I could just forget that tinnitus even exists, just for a bit. Wish I'd never heard of the damn thing. I'm not on any meds (for now) but I am, as you so eloquently put it, pissed off lol. Chin up eh - Bev x

  • I take Kalms - and sometimes 5HTP - as a psychological 'prop' ... we just have to somehow lose the obsessiveness of tinnitus and step outside its constant grasp. It's such a comfort to know we are all (unfortunately!) in the same boat....whistles, hissing, drumming etc. Every best wish to you all.

  • hi retired66,yes it is torture and very lifechanging when its as ,loud as mine. if i could wake up ome morning with it quiet that would be great and if it was quiet to start with i could handle it better daytimes when it did appear! im not on anti depressants or pills for anxiety i just try and deal with it my self but i do need pills to sleep,! I hate not being able to control it and my life as a musician is devastated!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi drumcraw, thanks for the reply. So sorry your life has been changed. Difficult aspect of your life you have to deal with. My son plays the drums and I am so scared that he will get this too. He does protect his ears but for years as a teenager he did not. Because who knew about this complication. I was also on sleeping pills for a year. Now, I am on anti-anxiety and Blood pressure pills due to the tinnitus because I need them. I wish I could handle it on my own without the pills but I cannot. Nice to chat and vent because nobody understands not to have the sound of silence maybe, one day. Take care and talk later

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