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has anyone heard any news or info about T.M.S. transcranial stimulation? or trigenimal nerve stimulation? these are techniques used in america for people with stress disorders like soldiers after battle i wondered if anyone was aware that they can also be used for tinnitus as well.pulses are sent to the brain for relaxation, sadly these things are all in u.s.a. but i wondered if anyone has heard of these treatments in this country?

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  • Think we had all better move to America sorry not heard of them x hope you are well x

  • A old treatment for depression.

  • I've seen a TMS provider, at this time the treatment protocol is not well defined and it's only approved to treat depression and anxiety, which most of us have. The Doc I saw is hopeful a treatment plan will be available soon but as of now, it's considered experimental and costs thousands of dollars with no assurance it will be successful. Insurance won't cover a non-FDA approved treatment. I'm watching closely for the day when a TMS treatment will be available and successful.

  • There is research ongoing into TMS as a potential treatment for tinnitus, but it's early days.

  • There's been lots of research into rTMS for tinnitus, and at best, the results are inconclusive. The researchers keep trying with different protocols, locations etc. We mention rTMS preety much every quarter in our research reviews - you can find them online at

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