What do you do when you're having a bad T day?

There's lots of advice about staying positive, things will get better, you're not alone, do breathing exercises, try to relax etc etc, but what do people actually do when they're struggling??

When my bad days hit me, about once a fortnight it seems, I have to fight the urge to throw myself out of the window and the things I've mentioned above seem ludicrously feeble when pitted against the raging monster in my head. What do people do, physically, to try and alleviate the noise? I sit here and panic, thinking there's nothing I can do, there's nowhere to turn, nothing that anyone else can do to help me etc and I'm terrified I'm going to get to the stage where the window is the best option.

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  • Am like that every day got T july last year had all the scan done nothing the matter am on amitriptline and betahistamine nothing helps, its so loud i hear it over people talking, tried all the noise things nothing works cant sleep found out beginning of the week mine could be coming from my jaw i have tmjd... Oh and i have been at that window many times i have an appointment 19th with audiology Im hoping they can sort it out... I do understand and so does every 1 on here

  • Hi Ruud, I too have been in that dark place. Two years ago my head was so painful. I took the meds, had the hearing aid and masker, bought a sound oasis machine and read all the positive posts on the BTA forum. I didn't believe that it would get better. It took about 6 months before the pain stopped and my life very slowly became bearable, and 6 months after that my life was almost back to normal. My T is now either not noticeable or very quiet, with the very occasional bothersome day. Time is what it takes to tame T. Love and best wishes, Angela xx ps distraction is the best way to deal with bad days - doing something requiring concentration, which for me is those grown up colouring books, sewing etc. Or even better, a walk in the countryside

  • Hi Ruud1boy

    17 plus years have past when ( my window ) was actually walking the nearby streets at god knows all hours of the night trying to calm things, I had all the fears everyone has then, and I could not see an end to this nightmare I was facing, that was then and this is now, and it goes without saying we do find a way forward through the dark times we face, how we do that well if I knew that we all could pull that quick fix from where ever at a moments notice, but to be brutal there is no quick fix but there is a plus side, there is time, perhaps it's no consolation to you at the moment but in the grand scheme of things time really does work wonders, myself I have no strategy or plan in place for when my T gets annoying, like for instance right now it has finally quietened down after a spike which seems to have gone on for weeks, and to be honest its been relentless with no let up, but I have to tough it out as I have no other choice but I know soon enough this spike would pass.

    As for the physical side of things and this may seem quite a simple solution, distraction in what any form it takes when the situation gets to you, not easy I know but its all we have for the moment.


  • Hi Ruud1boy. I go to bed. I cry a lot. Listen to my Neuromonics music - which is relaxing. I try to distract myself with word puzzles or by doing something arty on an app. But the most important thing I do is turn to this amazing group who have single handed my pulled me through my darkest moments and reminded me that there's always hope and that I am not alone. Luverly Lucie x

  • I agree with everything people have said . My days are now all so loud than I somehow have to accept external noise can't mask anything even partially . I try to keep busy and distracted , harder each day as am exhausted and the tinnitus irritation is now full on pain . My friends are what keep me on this planet 😊

  • Oh Lindsay, I'm so sorry. I am sending you a virtual hug. I am definitely going to campaign on this. Nobody should have to go through this. LLxx

  • How kind of you , much appreciated. I sometimes wish we , on forum , could all meet . I nearly posted again this morning as I thought it might bring a smile - the activity that enabled me to sit still for two hours was....writing a child protection policy for a wonderful community garden group I work with 😂. I think doing some digging would be more therapeutic. Take care 😊

  • Hi Lindsay. Me too. It's a great crowd. Unbelievably, I actually thought something was wrong the other day when I couldn't really hear it! 😬 I'm doing online window shopping and preparing for a trip to Barcelona in late spring. T or not I intend to look fabulous. LLx

  • I'm bad today, no idea why the spike, but I'm taking little walks, moaning a lot and shedding the odd tear, feeling sorry for myself. On the positive side, I have hope I will feel better tomorrow. 😀😀

  • I sincerely hope so too. Mine is loud today but I'm in managing mode. Sunday and Wednesday and Thursday were good days this week. Hopefully we'll all have more goods days this Easter. LLx

  • Sure hope so for all of us!! ☀️

  • Happy Easter Sunday. I wokept up feeling I had had enough. BUT somehow turned things round or rather managed to cope. I went straight our for an hour long walk in a local country park - loving the sun , the wind in the trees , the space , noone putting any demands on me ( including myself ) and really enjoying the chirping of the birds . I usually go with good pals and their dogs but for one not having to.listen or talk was relaxing. I thought that I could see the birds / couldn't quite work out where the noise was coming from but it didn't distress me as my tinnitus does. Not saying all is rosey , I got a bit upset when I heard the t loud and shrieking as soon as I got home , and by 3 pm I went back for another hours worth ( going to the other gate and doing a different route ) but I got through a day in a way that didn't entail working or stressing. 😊

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