Ringing ear after syringing to remove wax. Help!

Hello, I am new here, I have never had problems with my ears in my life (62), and due to a build of of wax in my left ear, had it syringed by the nurse at my GP. Since then I have had a constant high pitch ringing in the ear. Been back to GP who says no damage to ear drum, and it seems to me I am stuck with it. Does anyone have a similar experience, Can the ringing go away?

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  • Hi yogibear,

    Hopefully the ringing will go away in time. Did you apply olive oil eardrops 3x a day for 7 to 10 days to your ears before having them syringed/irrigated at your GP surgery? Eardrops should be used in the manner I've described before having the procedure to soften the wax. Try playing a radio or music from a cd player at low by your bedside at night. This will help you not to focus on the ringing as much.

    All the best


  • Hi Michael, thank you kindly for your reply. Yes, I did apply the olive oil, though probably not as much as you described. It sounds like that you may have some experience of my situation? best wishes,


  • HI Kevin,

    I have had tinnitus 21 years and have picked up some experience along the way. When earwax is removed by irrigation as in your case olive oil should be administered to the ears in the manner I've stated otherwise problems as you've experienced can sometimes result. The same applies when microsuction procedure is used at a hospital ENT department. A person should apply eardrops 3x a day for up to 10days before the procedure.

    Quite a few people that I've corresponded with at other tinnitus forums, have informed me they've developed tinnitus, after having ear irrigation or microsuction. Either they haven't applied eardrops in the manner I've described or haven't used it for long enough so the wax is fully softened. I have had both procedures and used olive oil for the duration I've mentioned and haven't had any problems.

    some private clinics advertise, they can remove earwax safely using microsuction without the need for the patient to use eardrops/olive oil 3x a day for 7 to 10 days prior. This is incorrect as tinnitus can sometimes result. I was told this by my ENT consultant when she removed my earwax using microsuction - the same applies when having ear irrigation at the GP surgery.


  • Thank you kindly for your reply Michael, it has been 6 weeks since the procedure, I need to be patient, and hopefully the symptoms may resolve themselves in time. Best wishes,


  • Hi Kevin,

    If you listen to music through headphones then I advise you not to do so until the tinnitus has gone - try not to be tempted to listen even at low volume.


  • Hi Michael, thanks for that bit of 'sound' advice.

    best wishes,


  • Just wanted to say that I believe tinnitus is caused by damage to the inner ear and subsequent nerve messages to the brain - so I do not think syringing or micro-suctioning (much better!) the ear canal can actually cause tinnitus. What do others know/feel?

  • I was injured by a doctor by ear syringing, using too much pressure. He did not prep the ear for softening. I had a dizzy spell after the procedure. I called the American Tinnitus Association and was told that ear syringing can cause tinnitus especially when one has some hearing loss and more prone to developing tinnitus. I had no ear problems prior to the procedure. I have had this now over one year. It is not resolving. I will probably try Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. It is has severely affected my quality of life.

  • Hi yogibear62. When your ears have been blocked by wax, the change to having "normal" hearing again can affect the auditory system. It will settle down. Our page about ear wax removal and tinnitus is the most viewed on our website - you might also find it helpful


  • Hello NicBTA, thank you for your response, I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.



  • I have had tinnitus for 5 years. I do think ear syringing can make it worse due to the high water pressure delivered directly into the ears to remove the wax so now I am a little in fear of this procedure even if I use ear drops. I had my ears syringed in February this year and the tinnitus has got worse again. Its like I am starting all over again after getting used to it after 5 years. I just hope it settles down again in time. Sometimes I wish I had not had them syringed now but then I would be deaf with the ear wax so cannot seem to win in this situation!!

  • Hi Michael, just an update, I have finally been given a date for an ENT appointment at hospital, but from what I have read, I don't hold out hope for a solution for my T. One curious thing I have noticed is that when I push my lower jaw forward the volume and pitch of the ringing increases, then relaxing it forwards again, it resumes its former level, any thoughts on this?

  • I was told at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic that 80% of tinnitus sufferers can modulate the tinnitus by neck or jaw movements, tightening of the throat, etc. For some people, physical therapy of the neck by someone trained for neck therapy may be helpful.

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